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Something keeps nagging at me. My sketch for Prospera still doesn’t seem quite right to me.  Again it’s too fussy – maybe in a fine yarn it would be right but I am committed to Peruvia. The moss st has to go.  I think st st is better. The detailed circular motif and the the feather and fan are so …are so…so…ah man, that’s it! Feather and fan,  why not use the feather and fan stitch again?

This seems to be working:


Ok – this sketch is doing it for me, finally:

That’s it 🙂



8 thoughts on “almost there

  1. It’s been great to see the process of this progressing, especially as I am in the process of designing my first garment for my City and Guilds Handknitting Course!

  2. Why oh why did I not blog here before? If you design it, I will certainly want to make and wear it. Seeing designs in the making is a great thing!

  3. I have loved reading these blog entries, too, and seeing part of how your design process works. Thanks for the inspiration! I hope to be doing my own by the end of this year.

  4. Thanks for explaining the process for your GORGEOUS sweater. I now have to get this booklet (along with all the others, sigh!)

    I am curious about the process in your head, and how it compares to an artist’s. Do you have moments of intensely amazing and stimulating (and scary) sketching? (I don’t design knitting, and this is something I’ve been missing in my own knitting process, which is more about the garment and less about its construction and design.)

  5. Hi Norah. I like the direction this sweater is taking. Now I am no expert by any means, but I agree there is a bit of fussiness to some of it. I wonder what would happen if the medallion was moved up so it was inside the godets rather than hanging below? I dunno, maybe I am off base.

  6. Very interesting to see your progress work… It’s seem to me to be not alone no more… (sorry for my bad english)…

    ps : i have just finished “Basalt Tank” and I appreciated a lot this way of work…

    This sweater will be somptuous (gorgious)

  7. I love so many of your designs…have “Knitting Nature” in my library…but it was Eastlake Sweater and Strawberry Hill (Vol 3) that had me jumping up and down (well, in my soul, anyway) and they are NEXT!!! in the queue. I bugged my LYS more than once while we were awaiting delivery of the books! I’m looking for my yarns as I write this. They are just “me” and I can’t wait to not only knit them, but wear them after. Big Hug!

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