florentine memory

What started out as an attempt to remember a sweater in a store window ended up a multilayered photo collage of the photgrapher (me), cars driving by, ghostly tourists and, underneath it all, the afore mentioned sweater. I’m liking it as “ahht”. All I did was point and click.


  1. oh, how I want to go there too! (I think I might have said that last time you went to Florence though…)

    The sweater: I really love those sleeves. It looks so comfy and elegant all at the same time. probably not great for those cold NE winters, but maybe perfect for the fall…

  2. I love Florence. I’m so jealous you got to go! 🙂 The sweater looks great too. Soaking up inspiration for your next sure to be brilliant collection? 😉

  3. You definitely have yourself a piece of “ahht” there…and the sweater is fantastic too. Are you hoping to find a pattern? If so give us a shout out when you find it, I’d love to make a version of it myself.

  4. I saw the photo just like you did through your lens. My eyes focused on the wonderful sweater without even noticing the the car or the photographer. This shows where knitters’ priorities lie, knitting first, then the surroundings. Wonderful!

  5. Welcome to your new career, Cirlia! So, so happy for you 🙂
    I can still see your beaming face when you told me about your new position at Berroco.
    Wishing you ALL the best and lovely things in life.
    I will miss you in Northampton.

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