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where, oh where or wear, oh wear

Prospera: Medallion invented, feather and fan extended, base of sweater swatched –  where, where where should the godet go? Once again, Margery comes to the rescue, pulling a completed sweater off the shelf, one we know we like. Now it’s easier to visualize just where the godet should be placed. Oh, and if I haven’t declared this before – I love our dress form. She is very helpful.

I am planning to evenly space 3 godets in the lower section of the body, so the back will look something like this:

I think that the decisions are made.  I sketch again:



8 thoughts on “where, oh where or wear, oh wear

  1. Oh ! it’s beautiful !
    J’ai hâte de voir la suite….

    Sorry, i don’t speak englis very well…i’m a french addict of Norah Gaughan design 😉 !
    The book n°3 is really wonderfull !

  2. Norah, can you also give us the time frame of these installments? I would be very interested to know how quickly the design steps come together…

  3. This is an amazing design! Thank you for sharing the process. I can visualize the finished sweater, and it is very lovely.

  4. thank you so much for showing your process. i like what you’re doing. this is my first visit — have to backtrack now to see if you’ve told us anything about your inspiration for this one.

    you know, i’ve been dying for a pattern with an interesting sleeve-godet. planning any complementary sleeve-detailing to tie in?

    i’m in suspense.

  5. ha! just saw how old this post was! the finished pattern is must-knit, to be sure. it is about perfect. (and how grand to have the instant gratification of seeing both process and finished piece on the same day.)

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