a thrill

I’ve been hoping for this, waiting quietly, yet anxiously, for this honor. We should all be proud, all of us knitters. Knitting made it into my alumni magazine!!!!! Check out this article in the Brown Alumni Monthly or BAM as it affectionately refers to itself 🙂

It’s a small article and the online version lacks the photo my cat (and me) which was included in the printed version, but still it’s a thrill. Congratulations also, to my fellow knitters, also Brown alums, Sabrina Gschwandtner and David Cole!

P.S. You can find the photo of  my kitchen (pre-renovation) me and my cat Jake – here. Just click on my name and wait a moment.

P.P.S.  I haven’t forgotten all of your requests for instructions to make Margery’s afghan. I’m planning to post what Elizabeth Zimmerman used to call “pithy” instructions.  M and I have been up completely consumed with photography for the Fall ’08 season.  More about that soon too….


12 thoughts on “a thrill

  1. Wow–I wanted to go to Brown so badly–ended up at Penn and graduated in ’84. Just think, I might have known Norah Gaughan, someone I admire so much!

    I’m thrilled to see a knitting article in an Ivy Magazine! Congrats, Norah!

  2. Congratulations, Norah! I read the article, very cool, and went and saw the photo also :^) that Jake, he’s a handsome moggie!
    I’m just pithy enough myself, I’ve always enjoyed Elizabeth’s directions.

  3. We are ever true to Brown! Congratulations! I was so psyched to learn that you are a fellow alumna!
    Allison Kelsey ’88

  4. I’m going to Brown in the Fall. That’s very cool that Brown has so many knitting superstars, especially with RISD next door. Congrats on the recognition!

  5. Hi Norah!
    Congratulations on your Readers Choice Awards. I love your designs and clearly so do a lot of other knitters!

  6. gosh, Norah, when I went to Smith, Brown was a boys’ school 😉 so happy that you were part of that organization, only about 12 years after I graduated –

    congrats – and happy 25th reunion coming up?


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