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I am thrilled that Stash and Burn chose to interview me for their 50th podcast episode. Jenny and Nicole’s relaxed style made me feel right at home. I think I really sound like “me”. Check it out. 

I like blog posts with pictures, so here’s a photo of a tiny bit of my stash.  Who knew I was so color co-ordinated?  I must be on a kick.


There’s Keltic and Memoirs and Ultra Alpaca Light  (my current favorite) and Ultra Alpaca.  I am very proud of my yard sale, danish modern candle holder. I also love, love, love the cool vase my brother gave me for Christmas,  hand made in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

11 thoughts on “stash and burn excitement

  1. What a great still life! Hmm… Were you in Seattle in the spring of 2002? Did you get the danish candleholder at MY yard sale? I’m sure I de-stashed one just like that before a move…. :-O

  2. I so enjoyed hearing you on Stash and Burn! Thank you for being willing to be interviewed by them. It is interesting to learn more about your work, interest, and knitting in general.

  3. Carol- that is definitely the right potter! Yellow Springs is a very cool place. My brother lives there.

  4. I loved the afghan you gals made in the African theme. It really works.
    And I loved seeing John in his sweater. THat is one gorgeous sweater! It
    sounds like he deserves it. The curse is broken, I hope!


  5. I loved the Stash & Burn episode, those girls are great. I still think your life sounds glamorous =;) Thanks for the insight into designing, it’s great how well you and Marjorie compliment each other’s style. Congrats on finishing John’s sweater and that gorgeous blanket!

  6. Lovely photo. I especially love the candleholder. My husband is Danish and we travel there every year or two, and I am quite fond of Danish design. I am pretty sure I have seen that candleholder at Illums Bolighus or one of the other home stores in Denmark. If you got it at a yard sale, I would probably faint at what a bargain you must have gotten. That stuff is not cheap (but will always be beautiful). My mom taught me it’s rude to ask what you paid, but I AM curious.

    I do love all those colors together. Maybe someday I’ll be able to mix and match like that. In the meantime, I’m glad there are people at my LYS that are better at it than I am!

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful things.

  7. Norah,
    I’m a knitting groupie in your fan club. I love your work! Today I listened to Stash and Burn and my ears were tingling! Thank you for sharing yourself with the knitting community who are sending you their admiration!

    Ruth aka digibabe knits

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