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glampyre’s sanpoku

I love checking my RSS feed to see what’s up with my favorite knitting and craft blogs. (Sometimes it does get a little ahead of me – like when I have 1200 items to look at from my Ravelry friend’s favorites list – oh well). This week I was so happy to see Stephanie Japel’s finished version of the Berroco design Sanpoku from booklet 262 Yin & Yang. 

Stephanie Japel\'s Sanpoku

Stephanie Japel’s Sanpoku in Berroco Comfort.

Stephanie, of Glampyre Knits fame, is a designer herself and a new mom. I’m wondering how she finds the time to work on her own designs and blog and knit from our patterns as well. While she was pregnant she designed this lovely sweater in Berroco Touché:

Click on the photo to get to the pattern info on the Glampyre Knits site.

6 thoughts on “glampyre’s sanpoku

  1. I know, she is Wonder Woman–she was also a scientist, professor and drummer at one point–crazy!! I love Stefanie, we’re birthday twins and she was one of the very first bloggers I ever read. Hail, Glampyre!

  2. I love Stephanie’s designs and often wonder too how she manages to be so prolific ….(I wonder the same about you)!!….
    I just received some Berroco Ultra Alpaca light today and will be casting on for Anais ASAP (this will be my first time knitting one of your patterns-sort of embarressed to say that as I’ve been a fan for ages but mostly don’t get around to knitting other folks patterns)…very excited though and the Ultra Alpaca looks gorgeous.

  3. I too love seeing how designs turn out in umpteen variations on Ravelry. Someone recently posted one of your patterns from the 1997 Spring issue of Knitters. It was a lilac pullover with a leaf design that called for a now-defunct yarn (Unger’s Sorbet). The gauge is given in pat st so I’m having trouble deciding on a substitute. Do you remember this design and could you suggest a current Berroco yarn that would work? The smallest size given was a 36″ but for today’s fitted look I was thinking of knitting it a tad bit tighter. Aside from that, this pattern looks very NOW!

  4. I love both of these – I’ve become addicted to the gorgeousness of se3emingly unstructured knits – you are both geniuses (genii?). I just wish the berrocco books weren’t so hard to get in Australia.

    It would be fabulous if the patterns could be downloaded as PDFs in the way that Stephanie’s are. Just a thought (entirely self-interested!!)

  5. Greetings from Stamford, Vermont! I live just above North Adams, MA, the home of MaMOCA. A growing place for artists. Maybe, you will come to visit? I discovered your site researching yarns and short row heeled socks. When I saw the picture of the sauna, I just had to contact you. Ahhhh-sauna…how I miss it, and baby Finnish names. Do you have Finnish roots? I was an exchange student for a summer, 1967, and was placed in Loimaa, with a wonderful family, who I miss so much. Your sweater, for John, is a wonderful design for a wonderful man! I am waylaid with a head injury and thought I would knit for warm woolies. Because my driving is restricted, I thought I would research on the web for patterns and yarns. What a delightful afternoon it has been. Nora, I feel like I have had a long chat with a good friend! Would John share his design for sauna? It has been my dream to have a sauna one day. Thanks so much for a wonderful visit!! Kiitos!

  6. Norah, I love Sanpoku, but was surprised to find that it was really a shrug (or as Stephanie puts it, a “reverse mullet”!). Nowhere in the pattern booklet is it shown from the back… it requires careful pattern reading and a good look at the pattern schematic to discover this. Since this is a big part of the design, don’t you think it would have been a good idea to make that visible? It seems a bit misleading otherwise. But since there are several other designs in the same booklet that I’ll also probably make, I ain’t too disappointed!

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