M’s birthday blanket


A few months back Margery was coming up on a “birthday worth noting” and a few of us who love her wanted to mark the occasion by knitting a little something. Thus the idea for this afghan was born. Granted, it was a rather insane thing to take on in December, right before Christmas, and with our rather full schedules, but Adina Klein, Carla Scott and I each slaved over our 16″ x 60″ strips for weeks. Margery loves African textiles, so we made that the theme. I picked out the palette in ultra alpaca and then we were each on our own.

Taking the project very seriously, Adina carefully composed her strip of mitered squares and stripes:

Carla wowed us all with her interpretation of African textiles: 

Meanwhile, I was going on the theory that the best tribute to Margery was to try to think like she would. M loves black and white stripes so I threw them in my strip with abandon. I changed colors when I felt like it and I changed the pattern stitch when I felt like it. When I ran out of black, I substituted dark grey…

I rather think Adina and Carla out did me, but I love the finished results and so does Margery. If only I had a movie of the look on her face when we gave it to her!  

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  1. In my opinion the 3 strips work beautifully together! I think if the center panel was too fussy it would not have looked so fantastic!

  2. I really love how you each came up with a different interpretation of African textiles– yet, in the end I also sense a strong Prairie style design component in the finished blanket. I bet FLW would have ‘allowed’ this blanket into one of his many home designs in a flash.

    –a great collaboration, and a lovely gift!

  3. WOW!!! Brava Ladies! Oooh I am LOVING what you each came up with and how they look together… and I can just imagine how wonderfully soft it is, the Ultra Alpaca is mighty fine yarn :^)

  4. DEAR MARGERY! Happy Birthday! And what a gift– awesome! I have nothing to offer but wishes for decades of happy knitting!

    Your Providence knitting pal,

  5. It is well and truly smashing—— so pleasing on many levels! And good for Margery— I mean a girl turns 25 just once and all!

  6. What a stunning blanket! I love the colours and the patterns and it all works so well. M is one lucky girl.

  7. OH MY G—! That is just breathtaking! when I first read, I thought “Oh…afghan….how nice”, but this is such an artful work.

    Lucky you, Margery.

  8. I just sat a stared! What a stunning blanket. Margery you are a lucky woman to have such a beautiful present, but more lucky to have such wonderful friends. Treasure both always!

  9. Wow! Wow! Wow! Thanks so much for letting us see it. It is filled with thought, skill, and creativity. Happy birthday, Margery.

  10. The palette is wonderful and the mix of patterns definitely works. It’s a mash-up of textile history. Any chance the three of you will publish the pattern, now that Margery (who is an original) has the original?

  11. I love the blanket, amazing how the 3 work together, each made by a different person. Will you publish a pattern?

  12. Margery,
    How wonderful to know you are so loved!

    Would you be offended if I asked you to share the pattern. I have wanted to make an afghan for my youngest son for a few years and until now I have never seen anything that just says “that’s him”.

  13. STUNNING! But one word can’t describe how all these complexities and simplicities work so well together. We all are fortunate Margery had a BD AND talented friends! Will this pattern or a variation be forthcoming? Normally I crochet afghans but this one I’d start knitting today.

  14. Please add me to the list of those hoping you’ll share the pattern! Echo Margery’s comment…

  15. I’m in for a pattern of this! I love African textiles and I’ve never seen such a stunning combination. I love it!

  16. What an incredible afghan! I’m completely obsessed–I’ve gone back online just to look at it about 10 times today.
    I would love to have the pattern too!

  17. Happy Birthday to you! My wish is that you and your talented knitting friends can turn this into a pattern to share with us. This is indeed a beautiful work of art. You’re fortunate to own this AND to have such caring friends.


  18. truly a beautiful afghan! would love to have the pattern. However I can understand that it was created with love and so artistically designed that you may want to keep it a secret.

  19. mmmm, that’s such a beautiful afghan. Very inspiring. I have a friend who loves animal prints who would love this too. Thank you for sharing – what a bunch of great friends you all are.

    (mtmom – I think you are right – hadn’t noticed the texture before)

  20. What a cool design exercise this turned out to be….it showcases the strength of a pre-determined palette and three creative clever brains.

  21. What an incredible gift!

    Stunning design elements that really work well together. Beautifully done – thank you for sharing it with us.

  22. Gorgeous. I love the colours, and to have a blanket designed and executed by a who’s who of the knitting world is pretty cool!

  23. I just found this blog, so I’m a first time commenter!

    That blanket is simply stunning (and would be perfect for my living room). I love the idea that it was worked on by three friends for another, that makes it very special.

  24. I just love this blanket, absolutely beautiful. In reading some of the comments, I agree, I would love it if this pattern were for sale. I guess I’ll check your site to see if it’s ever offered.

  25. What an excellent gift that will be treasured forever. The blanket is absolutely beautiful. There really should be a pattern for this you know! 🙂

  26. lovely blanket – am going to take my available yarn and try to come up with something (not as unique), but my own creation. Thank-you for the wonderful inspiration.

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