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Thanks Becky!

We are very lucky to have Becky as an intern in our design office for the Spring semester. We work her hard. She runs from winding yarn into balls and keeping our sample drawers in order, to swatching our stitch ideas to answering consumer e-mail. On top of all that, I asked her to write the bulk of this week’s newsletter AND she’s even got a secret design project going. You’ll get to see the results in a few months. Thanks Becky!

It’s Becky Snow’s  senior year in college, studying design.

4 thoughts on “Thanks Becky!

  1. Sounds like a win win to me! Becky, you are going to have so many people tell you that you have a dream internship. The really exciting part is that you know that AND that you are going to use this opportunity to springboard into the most wonderful career. I’ll be watching. Good Luck!

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