40 thoughts on “BFS is a FO!

  1. Gorgeous sweater on a handsome man. Wish my husband would wear sweaters. No wait, then I would feel obligated to knit him some!

  2. What a handsome rugged boyfriend sweater….and boyfriend! Nice that you have snow around too for it to be fully appreciated!

  3. Wow what a fantastic looking sweater. I really do love cables and they look so good. I am sure that sweater will be a fave.

  4. Handsome sweater;handsome fellow. Am I also seeing some knit fingerless mitts peeking out from under the cuffs? I think if someone knit beautiful things for me I’d definitely be around for a LOOOONg time. Thanks for you blog site; I love it and check it often.

  5. It’s lovely – you must be delighted that it turned out so well. I was going to make a “boyfriend as Rowan model” joke, because the photograph looks so Rowan-esque to me, but it’s obvious that your boyfriend actually works outside and uses his hands, so there’s really no comparison. 🙂

  6. The handsomeness of the sweater does in fact illuminate the gentleman. Not mind you that he isn’t quite handsome in his own right, or sweaterless! Excellent indeed!

  7. Congrats to you and John!!! He looks as happy as you must be to move one to the completed pile! I think I am happy that my dh is not a sweater man. I should finish the socks I started for him nearly a year ago!!! What’s next???!!! Joyella is moving up in my queue!

  8. Ok, I will be the first sister to check in and say he does look very handsome in the sweater….but only because it is his birthday and only because you made it. Do you see what you have done? Not only have you created a beautiful sweater, you just may have created a monster!!

    He certainly does look happy!!

  9. It looks great and the fit is fabulous! I have to admit I’m a little jealous of all your snow in the background though.

  10. Second sister checking in.

    He’s always been a handsome dude but you have to be very careful not to tell him too often.

    I also have to comment on how well he was trained by my mother to like handmade gifts. He always wore her creations proudly. Glad he has someone to continue the tradition of making him sweaters.


  11. You all are cracking me up! Third sistah (the one from Maine). Well, I was often told that we look alike. I do shave though… And I cried when I was a kid and Mom said we looked alike. Not any more though. Love the sweater and as I have said before if anything goes wrong between y’all (Not that it would) We get to keep Norah. Cindo

  12. The boyfriend and sweater look great!

    BTW, I have knitted 3 sweaters for my soon-to-be-husband. Personally, I don’t believe in the sweater curse! I think it’s that many knitters take a long time to make a sweater and men’s sweaters require more material.

  13. Thank you for posting the sweater pattern. I can’t wait to cast on for this one! It’s just gorgeous. Rugged, manly, and looks like a very engaging knit project too. Thanks Norah.

  14. I have a cable sweater that I’m knitting for my man and I have a question Why can’t I goe into doing cables and get the darned thing done? this sweater is at least 3 years old and I can’t seem to get into getting it done for him. Why, Why, Why?

  15. I love the design on the sweater, it is wonderful. My only complaint that it is only offered in chart form. I am unable to knit from charts, I have to have the directions written out due to a learning disability. But I can still look at and admire the design.

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