DIY: Yarn Wrapped Coasters

While designing the new Ina placemats for the Coastal Home Collection, I found I had a good amount of yarn left over and was inspired to create some scarp yarn coasters!

I modified this technique from Emily’s clever yarn bowl pattern, Whorl, which she created last year for The Great Yarn Challenge.

Instead of using a rope like in her pattern, I held 6 strands of Pima 100 together as the core of my coasters. Each strand is about an arm’s length long.

I followed along her pattern to start but used a sharp needle and thread instead of the yarn to sew the coil together. As I got to the end of the color, I simply snipped it and thread it back under its wraps to secure with a tapestry needle.

I used a mattress stitch along the bottom of the coaster to make it as invisible thus reversable as possible. The thread is woven through the cord to hide and secure it.

I also cut the strands pretty short to leave it “raw” at the end. I was random with my color change and just tried not to end and begin in the same spot. I really loved the way they came out and hope you will use some of your scrap yarn to make some for yourself!

Pattern: Modified Whorl Wrapped Yarn Bowls by Emily Sproul which can be found here!
Yarn: Pima 100 – 6 strands of arms length in cream for core and various length and colors to wrap around outside
Notions: Scissors, Tapestry Needle, Sewing Needle and Thread

Have fun making some!

3 thoughts on “DIY: Yarn Wrapped Coasters

  1. What a great project, and I particularly like the “Pima 100 rope” center as a handy solution when one doesn’t have another rope at hand.
    These coasters will also be a great project for the yarns in the Yarn Tasting kit! (now I’m thinking of ordering another yarn tasting kit … no, Gabi, REALLY?!?!)

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