Designer Spotlight: Åsa

Elmgrove cardigan in Berroco Lanas.

My mother taught me to knit when I was a child and I’ve been knitting ever since. Growing up on the west coast of Sweden, crafting was a way to spend time with family. It was what happened on school break at my grandparents’ house. Or at the end of busy holiday get-togethers. It was a way to wind down and connect.

Teaching knitting in a local yarn store years later made me again appreciate the sense of community that crafting brings about. Knitting is slow work and when done together there is plenty of time for deep conversations. While working in the yarn store, I also started to write down my own knitting patterns. A customer wanted a simple pattern for a first colorwork hat. Okay! A group wanted to learn to knit socks. Sure!

For myself, I enjoy making all sorts of things, especially stranded colorwork sweaters, anything for babies and socks. I also like sewing and embroidery when I can find the time. I like to knit to a good mystery series, or in the backyard with a group of friends, or in the car on long road trips (if someone else is driving!). I like to have a few projects going at the same time, usually a couple of sweaters and a pair of socks.

If I’m not knitting it may be because I’m out on a hike with my husband and kids, somewhere in Rhode Island. Or perhaps I’m busy baking a focaccia bread. Or it could just be that my Cocker Spaniel, Pandit is sitting on my knitting!

The best thing about working for Berroco is getting to work with some really amazing people! There is always someone around to bounce ideas with. The close second-best thing is the warehouse full of yarn!

My most recent knit was the Cali blanket, designed by Amy Christoffers in Remix Chunky. I made mine in Lanas Quick. (Details on Ravelry) This blanket will be for my daughter to bring to college next year. I made her older sister a blanket and I may be on the hook for two more for my younger kids in the future! There is still time to join the Cali knit-along!

Other patterns from Berroco’s Fall collection that are high on my list are Rhian in Renew and Perahta in Ultra Alpaca Chunky Natural.

My favorite yarns are untreated wools like the Berroco Lanas line. Getting to work on this Fall’s Lanas Quick collection was such fun! As a designer, I try to create fun and approachable knitting patterns – fresh and modern with a nod to my Scandinavian heritage. You can find all my designs here.

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