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Cali Blanket KAL: What yarns we are using

We’re so excited about our new make-along for Fall! We are making the Cali blanket from our Remix Chunky PDF collection. The KAL will officially kick off on Thursday, October 6th making it a perfect weekend to shop for yarns! (Want more info on the KAL, click here!)

We love reaching for blankets whether it’s for our never-ending couch knitting time, or a chilly sports game we have to go to, or any time we find ourselves in the great outdoors. The Cali blanket is an in-the-zone size for all those purposes.

Originally made with Remix Chunky, we wanted to try using various Berroco and Partner Brand yarns to make our blankets. Here’s what we decided to use!

Åsa is using Lanas Quick in colors: 7701, 77125, 77102, 77130.

Amy is using Ultra Alpaca Chunky Natural, 5 balls Jasmine Rice 72500 (C1), 3 balls each Farro 72513 (C2) and Poppy Seed 72512 (C3), and 2 balls Sunflower Seed 72521(C4)

Emily is using Vintage Chunky – C1:6104, C2:61192, C3:6177, C4: 6176

Margaux is using Yana and Yana Journeys from our partner brand, Amano! C1: 1302 (cream) C2: 1322 (green) C3: 1320 (pink) C4: 1619 (multi)

Alison is going with the yarn called for, Remix Chunky and made a fancy chart to see how her colors go together! C1 9901 (same as original), C2 9965, C3 9984, C4 9903

We included a blank chart here so you can get those crayons and markers out to really visualize your Cali blanket.

We can’t wait to see what you choose! Visit your favorite Berroco retailer this weekend to get some and tag us in your yarn selection post #BerrocoYarn or #BerrocoCaliKAL.

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