Renew: Our new recycled yarn

We know that offering sustainably sourced and recycled yarns are a priority for many of our makers. Our Remix family of yarns which is a non-wool recycled yarn continues to be a popular recycled yarn choice but we are always looking to add to our eco-friendly portfolio.

Enter Renew!

Renew is made from recycled cashmere, wool and nylon. Those fibers are spun with a sustainably sourced viscose making a yarn that you can feel good working with.

Using much of the same process as Remix, fabrics are shredded down to a fleece-like material and then spun into a usable yarn. No color is applied since it is blended from recycled knitted garments of the same color. We especially love that the creation of Renew is traceable and contributes to a circular economy.

We love that you can substitute Renew in many of our current designs and hope you’ll deep dive into our vast pattern library to see which ones can have a new life in Renew!

Find Renew at your favorite Berroco Retailer today!

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