Aerial: Our Favorite Side Kick

There’s a massive trend happening right now with holding yarns together and we can see why! The addition of a soft silky mohair makes every garment extra velvety and cuddly.  

We have been having all sorts of fun adding Aerial to our vast collection of yarns with wonderful results. Even if you’re wary of mohair, it’s just the smallest touch that elevates your knits to that buttery soft feel. Chose a similar color and let Aerial blend right in or chose a contrasting color for a subtle marl effect.

We encourage you to try adding Aerial to your next knit and see what happens!

Aerial held with Ultra Wool

Our newest cardigan Ellsworth is simple and uncluttered. Using Aerial held together with Ultra Wool DK, gives this sweater a soft halo and extra softness.

No matter what you try we know you’ll love the softness that Aerial adds to every project! Grab some from your favorite LYS today!

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