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Happy Harvest Knit-along: Color Choice and Inspiration

Are you ready for our Happy Harvest knit-along? The fun kicks off next Saturday, September 14, so you have a few more days to get the pattern and yarn (and if you have to start a little late, don’t worry about it!). Elizabeth wrote about her inspiration and color choices for the Happy Harvest poncho and cowl set—hopefully her wonderful words will get you pumped for this weekend!

I’m so excited for the upcoming Happy Harvest KAL! And what better day to start our KAL then on the harvest moon, which is on September 14th. In preparing for our cast-on, I thought it would be fun to share a bit about my design inspiration behind the piece, and also to talk about color combo ideas that may inspire you as you start planning your own Happy Harvest!

When planning out this design, I wanted to create a piece that would a) be fun to knit with simple, yet interesting details; b) have flattering on different body shapes; and c) showcase the beauty of versatility of the Ultra Wool Chunky yarn. I love layering pieces, so right away I knew I wanted to create a garment that had that oversized sweater/vest/poncho vibe. And to accomplish my goal of “simple yet interesting”, I sketched out some of my favorite types of fun details – engaging (but easy!) stitch pattern, split hem, button closures, a contrasting color pop and a removable cowl. I love how all of these elements came together in the Ultra Wool Chunky yarn, and how quickly it all knit up too!

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is if you want to stick with just 1 color, or if you want a contrasting color like I used in the sample. This second color is used for the top portion of the back as well as the separate, removable cowl. When I was deciding, I just knew Butternut had to be my main color – it’s one of my favorites, plus it’s such a great fall color. The question was what would be my contrasting color…I ultimately decided on Driftwood because it was a similar hue and warmth as Butternut, and it was a nice neutral that would complement it. And because the contrasting color would be used for the cowl, I knew the Driftwood color would look good next to my face as well.
side view of the happy harvest poncho by elizabeth smith

Just for fun, I put together some other color combos of the Ultra Wool Chunky yarn that I thought could make good pairings. I hope it helps provide a bit of inspiration as you explore the possibilities for your very own Happy Harvest!
color pairings of Berroco ultra wool chunky

Which colors did you choose to use for the knit-along? Let us know in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “Happy Harvest Knit-along: Color Choice and Inspiration

  1. Because Berroco Comfort Chunky is one of my favorite yarn lines and I had some in stash, I’m going with that for this KAL. I’m using Beet Root as my main color and still trying to decide between Goldenrod or Seedling as the contrast. If I were to make another poncho with Ultra Wool Chunky, I think I’d use Sour Cherry as the main color and maybe Butternut as the contrast, but I love the Sour Cherry/Granite combo too! 🙂

  2. after the Hurricane passes through today, and assuming we don’t have much flooding, heading to the LYS to pick out my colors…. I wish we had the Pine Green because I really love it, but for the main color, I may still go with the Rosemary, or Ocean…. or Sour Cherry….. good thing I only have 8 colors (in the shop) to choose from! 🙂

  3. I am looking forward to doing the knit along I hope it is not to late to enter the drawing. I think I will use the yarn that has no wool, I not sure of what colors I like them all. Can not wait to start.

  4. I’m going to use the Butternut and Granite. I can’t wait to start but will be on vacation so will have to start one week later. the pattern looks easy to follow and has enough detail to be classy.

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