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GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Happy Harvest Poncho Knitting Pattern

CLOSED Want to get in on the Happy Harvest knit-along fun? Here’s an opportunity to win a kit to knit your own Happy Harvest poncho and cowl! One lucky winner will receive an electronic version of the Happy Harvest Poncho and Cowl Knitting pattern and enough Berroco Ultra Wool Chunky to knit the poncho and cowl as part of our knit-along, which starts on September 14. More information about the knit-along can be found in this blog post.

Photo of the Happy Harvest poncho and cowl set with model holding flowers in her hand


  • Take a look at the colors of Berroco Ultra Wool Chunky and leave a comment on this blog letting us know which two colors you would use to knit your own Happy Harvest set. (Please note, these are not final choices—if selected as the winner, you can absolutely change your mind on the colors.)
  • Bonus entry: Head to Elizabeth’s website and leave a separate comment on this blog letting us know which of Elizabeth’s patterns you’d like to knit (in addition to the Happy Harvest set).

This is a fast and furious giveaway, as we want to be able to get you your yarn before the knit-along starts on September 14, so you have until 8:00 am EST Monday, September 9, 2019 to enter. One winner will be randomly selected and notified via email, so be sure to leave a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS in the email field of the comment box (emails will not be collected, stored, or used in any way other than to communicate with the randomly drawn winner). Please don’t leave your email address in the comment box itself.

Yarn will be sent directly from Berroco and the pattern will be sent via email from Elizabeth Smith. Comments are automatically set to be moderated to protect from spam, so if you don’t see your comment(s) right away, please be patient and check back later.

404 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Happy Harvest Poncho Knitting Pattern

  1. Granite and frost – but — perhaps granite and hibiscus for the pop color. Oh such a difficult decision.

    1. Kale and fog jumped out when I opened the page. Love the pattern! Not something I would normally pick but the more I look at it the more I want it.

  2. I already got Butternut and Marjoram to make this pattern for me, but I’d happily make a second in shades of gray: Granite and Fog.

  3. I think I would love to knit this in Frost and Granite. I love the pattern and in the chunky yarn would be a fast knit so I would have it done for the fall.

  4. Heather and Frost so I could wear it with almost anything! Besides, I expect my daughter will want to borrow it and those colors work for her too!

  5. Love the poncho! I think I’d make mine in Chili as the main color and Butternut as the contrast. They closely resemble my old school colors (BC Eagles) of maroon and gold and are great fall colors.

  6. Love the poncho! I think I’d make mine in Chili as the main color and Butternut as the contrast. They closely resemble my old school colors (BC Eagles) of maroon and gold and are great fall colors.

  7. I would love to make Lassi for myself and 1979 is a great gift idea for my daughter. Thanks for introducing this designer to me, she has some great patterns on her site!

  8. I love Elizabeth’s Mira and Denis top patterns. I’m a big fan of knitted tops that don’t require a lot of sewing for sleeves because my talents in the seaming dept are still a bit green, although I’ve been knitting for several years now. 🙂

  9. I love the new heathery tones. I think I’d go for Delphinium for the cowl and Stonewashed for the poncho.

  10. As for which pattern I’d like to try from Elizabeth Smith…Dalton. I am a new knitter (just shy of a year) and I would love to learn how she did the center “panel” in the sweater. Thanks!!!

  11. Having the opportunity to join this KAL would be I first for me! I love this pattern! My choice of colors would probably be Sour Cherry and Granite.

  12. The colors I would like to knit the Happy Harvest Poncho set in are Delphinium and Juliet. Thanks for the opportunity to knit a beautiful fall pattern.

  13. I would like to knit this in stonewash as the primary color and cream as the secondary. Love the yarn and the pattern. Can hardly wait to knit along! What a great idea. Please do more of these.

    1. The colors are all beautiful! It would be hard to pick. I loved the Iris and allysum. Or maybe denim and river.

  14. I would knit Happy Harvest in Ultra Wool Chunky 43152 Ocean and 4355 Juliet. I would also like to knit the Farro vest.

  15. I love Elizabeth’s patterns and have been eyeing Carley and the Ramona Cardigan. Looking forward to knitting the Little Coffee Bean Cardigan for a new arrival in December!

  16. I went on Elizabeth’s website and I picked out the Bosco pattern as the pattern I would also like to knit. I didn’t realize that the Massaman was Elizabeth’s pattern which I knitted for my daughter and she loves it. I also remembered that I purchased the Lassi pattern at the same time along with the yarn to knit it and I never got to it. I would also like to knit the Massaman for myself as well.

  17. From all the colours in the Berroco Ultra Wool Chunky, I would choose Heather and Pine (my two favourite colours, purple and green) for a brilliant Autumn project. Although, I think Fog and Sour Cherry would also make for a delicious colour contrast. Oh, the choices!

  18. With so many beautiful colors to choose from it’s a difficult choice. Kale and driftwood would pair nicely together!

  19. I love to knit with your yarn and I would like to knit this beautiful poncho with Main Color in Stonewash and Contrasting Color in Delphinium. I wish to do the knit along with you all.

  20. Beautiful garment and thanks for the contest. I like the colors used in the sample piece, but I also like sour cherry 43145 and stonewashed 43147. Hope I win!

  21. This is a beautiful poncho pattern, I applaud Elizabeth’s creative talent!
    I would love to knit my first one in the colors: Rosemary for the body and Spruce for the accent. Then I have a request from my daughter-in-law for gray-ish colors and if the pattern sizing permits, I also have a few granddaughters who are asking for ponchos – their colors will be brighter 🙂

  22. There are several patterns on Elizabeth’s website that interest me – with fall coming, I would pick the cappuccino cowl kit – great colors and nice pattern.

  23. I would like to knit Happy Harvest in Rosemary with Fog as the accent color. Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful yarn.

  24. I’ve enjoyed knitting several of Elizabeth’s designs. In addition to knitting Happy Harvest in the coming weeks, I would also like to knit Elizabeth’s Ramona Light. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile now.

  25. I’m so glad that I discovered this designer because of you. I would like to win this giveaway and after that I would like to make her Carley or Passing Flowers cardigan. I couldn’t write a comment on her blog but I did it on FB and I’m following her. Thanks again.

  26. I would love the Assylium and the Heather together. They are both gorgeous. I’m totally new to Knit-a-Longs so this is a real adventure for me. Can’t wait to start.


  27. I’d like to knit Alanis. It would be beautiful on my daughter in law, daughter and granddaughter and looks fun to knit.

  28. Oh what joy shopping through all those gorgeous projects. I am going to have to get the Penny for my daughter. (And then make one for myself in the after Christmas slowdown) it is just perfect for both of us.


  29. Frost + Granite for me. I love the Brookdale vest. The scrunchy neck would be great for a chilly morning walk.

  30. I love Elizabeth’s patterns. Besides Happy Harvest (not yet started), I would love to make Mira again, and Carley looks fabulous!

    1. I think I would use Frost and Lake. Not only do the colors seems like they’d go together, the imagine of the two that come to mind would be exactly the type of day to wear this

    1. I would love to try the “ponchette” pattern from Elizabeth’s website ❤ Such a lovely versatile piece!

  31. I love all the blues, but it’s hard to really tell what they look like on my screen, so I’ll just pick Sunflower for the poncho and Butternut for the cowl. Thanks!

  32. Thanks for the pointer. The Elizabeth Smith website has some lovely patterns. Since I have to pick one, the Mazzy cardigan is pretty cool.

  33. Love your yarn and all the beautiful colors. I would use hibiscus and ocean. Hard to choose.❤️

  34. I would knit the Happy Harvest in Fog and Alyssum to support my little sis, a breast cancer survivor. Maybe in time fo her to wear to her survivor’s and awareness marches in October.

  35. I actually have another of Elizabeth’s patterns on my needles right now (Denis) but would love to also knit Laguna!

  36. Great Prize! I would like the colours: Sour Cherry and Kale. I think this colour combination would have the vest pop with vibrancy. I checked out Elizabeth’s website and really like her pattern Ledge Trail Vest.

  37. Alyssum and Sour Cherry
    I can’t find the yarn I’m my area so would really feel grateful to win the yarn to be able to joint the knit along.

  38. I would love fog and sour cherry together. There’s something so soothing to me about cool colors.

  39. And I have had the Brassica Pullover in my Ravelry cue for a long time- that is what I’m going to do this next year! It just looks so cozy and versatile.

  40. I would knit the Happy Harvest Poncho and Cowl in either Sour Cherry and Butternut or Sunflower and Denim.

  41. I would like to knit Lassi, Alanis and Dalton of Elizabeth Smith’s patterns, just to name a few.

  42. I would choose cast iron as my main color and either Juliet or Chili as the contrast. (The pictures for Juliet and Chili look identical. Is that possible?)

  43. I had already chosen Elizabeth Smith’s Margo Poncho as a favorite in Ravelry, I would love to knit that one as well!

  44. I love the new colors and this pattern!
    I’d have to choose butternut and lavender. Love golds and purples together. But I change my mind a lot so if probably want to make a few different colored collars. 😆

  45. Elizabeth’s patterns are nice. I’m on a sweater kick so I would choose either 1979 or Alanis. I love the pockets.

  46. I’ve had my eye on the Ramona Cardigan pattern for a while, I think it would pair nicely with dresses!

  47. I’ve been knitting Elizabeth’s patterns since Common Ground from Brown Stitch. I’ve been thinking I’d love to knit Brassica though, or maybe Mazzy.

  48. There are so many lovely Elizabeth Smith patterns, but the Nordic Trail vest is the one I’d pick to knit. Such a pretty lace detail in the back.

  49. Would love to try Delphinium and Stonewashed. Jessie’s Girl is a good choice for me for Elizabeth ‘s other Patterns.

  50. I have many choices for color combinations but if I had to choose one it would be iris and butter. :0)💗

  51. Struggling to choose between the grey’s granite, frost or fog to go with the Alyssum. Choices and even more choices I would love any of the grey’s with the gorgeous pink (go great for my spring wardrobe) (Australia)

  52. In addition to the Happy Harvest set, I loooove the Cappuccino Cowl!! There’s nothing greater than a cappuccino in the winter weather and a great cowl to keep you cozy! 🙂

  53. The next pattern of Elizabeth’s is the cardigan, Lassi. It is classic design that would remain in style forever.

  54. I’m in the muddle of knitting Elizabeth’s “Alanis Sweater”, but aside from that and the Happy Harvest set) I’m itching to add her “Ramona Cardigan” to my wardrobe, that will be my next knit!

  55. Chili and fog would look amazing, delphinium is such a pretty blue colour!

    I love Elizabeths patterns! I am currently knitting capo right now and would love to knit happy harvest and ponchetto.

  56. All the patterns are gorgeous but Stevie just jumped up on my que. It’s a must have layering staple!

  57. I love this pattern and would use Butternut and Cream. I have already ordered her pattern and also am interested in her pattern Nordic Trail. Looking forward to the KAL.

  58. Absolutely adore that mustard yellow used in the images. So I’d probably go with butternut and cast iron as the pop of color around the back.

  59. My initial thought is river and lake. But sunflower is so beautifully fall! I’m not sure which color would pair best though.

  60. Oh I love the new color Kale, and paired with Wheat I think it would be gorgeous! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  61. I’m new to Elizabeth’s work. What lovely patterns and a soft and restrained design palette! I especially like Jessie’s Girl.

  62. I was impressed by Elizabeth’s website. I would l8ke to get the pattern for mazzy since it is similar to my favorite sweater.

  63. Hi! It’s Roberta from Three Bags Full in Cumberland, RI. My colors are Cast Iron for the main color and Frost for the contrast. Can’t wait!

  64. I really like the pattern Massaman. Seems perfect for those fall days when you need a tank top when it gets warm for an hour or two, but you want to wear a sweater.

  65. I’ve got Elizabeth’s Denis pattern in my wish list and favorites already and I just fell in love with her Farro vest pattern also.

  66. It’s so hard to decided but I’m all about the neutrals. Cream and Driftwood would be my first choice. Beautiful colors.

  67. I wear blue jeans so often that for me the colors I like best would be Denim and Stonewashed. Or Denim and Sour Cherry? Any thoughts?

  68. I love, love, LOVE this poncho and cowl. I wear blue jeans a lot so I gravitate toward the blues. I think Denim and Stonewash would complement each other very well. Both colors are sort of heathery.

    I also like Driftwood or Sour Cherry as the contrasting/cowl color.

  69. Elizabeth’s patterns are lovely. I am especially enamored by the Camden Hills poncho. My daughters would look great in this and the weight is perfect for us here in the South.

  70. I can’t make up my mind about the other patterns. Tolland or Nordic Trail? Also adore the collaboration with Ztone Wool – Winnifred

  71. “Mazzy” cardigan looks so soft and warm and the “East Coast Armwarmers” give me cozy feelings of the cool weather to come.

  72. So many pretty colors! It was a tough choice, but right now, I’d have to say I liked the stone washed and Iris the best.

  73. I love Elizabeth’s patterns. Denis could end my search for a summer sweater pattern. I also love Coming Home, Salt Marsh Wrap and Nordic Trail.

  74. Would love to knit this pattern in Frost & Fog and would love to make her patterns Laguna & Little Coffee Bean Baby Cardigan

  75. I would knit this is cream and heather…I think….it is hard to decide there are some really lovely colors.

  76. I would love to knit the Mazzy sweater…it looks like a perfect lounging sweater for the upcoming fall.

  77. It’s Kale and Butternut for me! Coastal Carolina University team colors! Perfect for Fall football and Spring baseball.

  78. There are so many pretty patterns but Lassi really speaks to me. I’d really appreciate winning that pattern. Thank you.

  79. I really liked Mira from Elizabeth’s patterns. Thank you for the Mud Season pattern. I liked that one as well!

  80. Sour Cherry with Frost, I think that would be lovely.

    For Elizabeth’s patterns, Mazzy is beautiful.

    Thanks so much, crossing my fingers!

  81. I don’t usually choose colors in this family, but Elizabeth’s poncho is just so appealing in Butternut and Marjoram! I’d also love to knit Carley. Like many of Elizabeth’s patterns it reflects an elegant simplicity.

  82. I would love to see Denim and Stonewashed together 😀 Since I’ve already ordered a set of yarn for myself, this would make an amazing combo for my Mom ♥

  83. I would definitely choose Elizabeth’s “Layla” Cardigan -> Our names were inspired by the same song, after all ;)))

  84. What a beautiful design and I love chunky wool. My favorite color has to be Stonewashed, but Fog has me swooning too. Thank you so much for the opportunity😊

  85. What a difficult decision…. I think I’d like Ocean and Sunflower….I’m excited to start such a cute pattern.

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