How to Get Ideas for Berroco Yarns

It’s all happened—we see a beautiful yarn that we just have to have and so we buy it without really having a plan for it. OR we just fall in love with how a yarn looks but can’t really envision it in the pattern that displays it. We get it! In this week’s KnitBits newsletter, we share some samples of what knitters and crocheters have made with Berroco Nebula™. Today I thought I’d show you how you can easily see what other people have made in a yarn to get inspiration for your own projects!

First and foremost, you will need a Ravelry account. Ravelry is an online yarn-crafting community, which you can use as a pattern store and library, a source of inspiration, a way to connect with other crafters both far and wide, and most important for this blog post, a way to easily see what other crafters are doing around the world. If you already have a Ravelry account, great! Make sure you’re logged in, and let’s get started.

To see what people are making with a specific yarn, head to the Yarns tab in the upper left corner of a desktop window. 

Once there, enter the name of the yarn that you want to see. Since this post was inspired by Berroco Nebula, I’m going to use that yarn for this example. Type in Berroco Nebula and hit the “Search” button.

You’ll get a results page that looks like this. If you clicked on the “Nebula” link, you’d find out more information about Berroco Nebula, including the yardage, suggested gauge, and even some places where you can purchase Nebula. But if you click on the link for the 327 projects

…you’ll get a screen that shows you a bunch of different projects people have started or finished using Berroco Nebula! I get a kick out of seeing all the projects that people have made, but you can use the Filter drop down menu or the search box to refine your results even further. 


Say you want to see projects that use Berroco Nebula in the Gemini colorway. Type in “Gemini” to the search box and hit the Search button. 

Voilà! You’ve got two pages of projects that use the Gemini color of Berroco Nebula! 

Or maybe, instead of focusing on a specific colorway, you want to see just what people have crocheted with Berroco Nebula. Click the drop down menu that says “Filter these projects” then go to Crafts, and click Crochet.

Now we’re seeing all of the projects in which Berroco Nebula has been used with a crochet pattern!

This is a really great tool to get ideas for those yarns we just had to have but didn’t quite have a project in mind. For example, I never really thought about how great Berroco Nebula looked when it was crocheted, but now I’m seeing how lovely it is! I may have to dig out a crochet hook and one of the new colors of Berroco Nebula pretty soon.

What’s your favorite way to get inspired for a particular yarn? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “How to Get Ideas for Berroco Yarns

  1. Learning everyday! When falling in love with a Berroco pattern am always left with the question – What other Berroco yarns can be used for this pattern?

  2. From the pattern advanced search, I filter by suggested yarn name – it’s third from the bottom in the list. This returns all of the patterns that were designed using the yarn I’m interested in.

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