Lopi sweater Knit-along, the Halfway Point

We’re still plugging away on our Lopi sweaters, though some folks have finished theirs! Since we’re concentrating on our second sleeve this week, I thought I’d take a little break to see how far we’ve come!

Because there are so many, I’m going to sort of dash through this, but all the photos will be linked to the participants Ravelry page, so you can get more information!

aurorabee’s Weatherman sleeve
The body of kalypsobean’s Hestapeysa
PennyLane’s Glaswegian cardigan
JanetSun’s Batmanpeysa!
tamaraashlie’s Sweetheart
kanelle’s Afmaeli
mdayna’s Gefjun
knotkit1purl1’s Freyja
ashandwool’s Riddari
charlie8’s Ankeri
Zaouli’s Trefoil
GFTC’s Fisherman’s Sweater for Teatime
Parymdk’s Afmaeli
trbeck’s Stopover sleeve beginnings
Eli’s Weatherman
mnberg’s Vintersol sleeves
teriharter’s Glaswegian/Ariel hybrid sleeve


WHEW. That’s just a few of the recent photos. There are way more photos to see in the Lopi Sweater Ravelry thread, so head over there for more inspiration (we take no responsibility if you decide to set all of your other projects aside to start a Lopi sweater).

3 thoughts on “Lopi sweater Knit-along, the Halfway Point

  1. Yay everyone! I am so loving seeing all the different and inspiring projects. This is so fascinating, and inspiring, I am starting another…

  2. Do we have a knit along for the fall /winter 2018?? I just got to this blog and have seen that you have done KAL sweater early this year. How can I find this last KAL and dp the same sweater?? I would love to knit that. Thanks!

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