Knit Cables for Fall with Berroco!

We just wrapped up our summer knit-along, and our new knit-along (KAL) is just around the corner! This time we’re digging into knitted cables—because cables + fall go hand in hand.

What pattern are we knitting? Knitter’s choice! The only guidelines are:
• the pattern should be a garment (sweater or cardigan) that has cables
• the pattern must be knit with a Berroco yarn,
• the pattern should be a Berroco pattern (because we can better help answer questions when we can easily access the patterns, though there are a couple of exceptions that we will note below)

That’s about it! We’ve got a lot of options listed down below that will get you started. I’ll be knitting Kernmantle from Norah Gaughan Volume 15 because I’ve had the Berroco Ultra® Alpaca for it since that book came out and I NEED IT.  Another great choice is Arya, our brand new free pattern knit with Berroco Ginkgo®.
Kernmantle by Norah Gaughan

When are we knitting? The knit-along starts October 1 and ends November 30. You can absolutely swatch before the cast-on date—we encourage this!

Where are we talking about the knitting? As usual, we’ll have a dedicated thread in our Berroco Lovers group on Ravelry and we’d love to chat with you there about your projects! You can also share your progress and thoughts via social media—just be sure to tag us (@berrocoyarn) on all social media channels and use #CablesKAL 

Now for the pattern suggestions—they are just that, suggestions! If nothing from this extensive but not exhaustive list appeals to you, you can see even more Berroco patterns that use cables on Ravelry (you’ll need to be logged into your free Ravelry account to view this link correctly). The patterns listed below are all in current Berroco yarns (meaning the suggested yarn has not been discontinued); but say a pattern in Berroco Blackstone Tweed (many cabled patterns in that yarn, or maybe you’re interested in a different pattern in a discontinued yarn) catches your fancy, we can certainly suggest some alternatives. You can of course find all of the yarns listed at

If you want a free pattern…
Check out Astilbe (Berroco Remix), Raam (Berroco Comfort), Adelaide (Berroco Tuscan Tweed), Arya (Berroco Ginkgo), or Udina (Berroco Vintage)

Astilbe by Amy Christoffersknit in Berroco Remix
Astilbe by Amy Christoffersknit in Berroco Remix

If you want adventurous cables…
Check out Woodbine (Berroco Tuscan Tweed), Kernmantle (Berroco Ultra Alpaca), Riasa (Berroco Catena), Parlan (Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light), Gullveig (Berroco Ultra Alpaca), Zinaida (Berroco Ginkgo)

Woodbine by Amy Christoffers in Berroco Tuscan Tweed
Woodbine by Amy Christoffers in Berroco Tuscan Tweed

If you want wool-free cables…
There’s Route 1 (Berroco Remix, free pattern), Abi (Berroco Remix), Watson (Berroco Modern Cotton), Tiran (Berroco Remix), Tonia (Berroco Comfort DK, free pattern), Woodrush (Berroco Weekend), Leisl (Berroco Modern Cotton)

Route 1 by Norah Gaughan in Berroco Remix
Route 1 by Norah Gaughan in Berroco Remix

If you want easy cables…
(Berroco Ultra Wool), Niche (Berroco Maya), Linea (Berroco Ultra Alpaca), Pietra (Berroco Ultra Alpaca)

Isthmus Pullover by Allison Jane in Berroco Ultra Wool
Isthmus Pullover by Allison Jane in Berroco Ultra Wool

If you want fast cables…
(Berroco Vintage Chunky), Auberon (Berroco Ultra Alpaca), Fitzgerald (Berroco Vintage Chunky, men’s pattern)

Vashon by Cirilia Rose in Berroco Vintage Chunky
Vashon by Cirilia Rose in Berroco Vintage Chunky

If you want cables for men…
(Berroco Remix), Aram (Berroco Comfort, free), Rockport (Berroco Weekend, free), Gateshead (Berroco Mercado)

Daron men's sweater knitting pattern in Berroco Remix
Daron in Berroco Remix

Patterns from other sources…
These are all patterns that were designed by Berroco team members for magazines or other publications, so we can easily answer questions about any of these. Beatnik (Berroco Remix, free Knitty pattern), Laurel (Berroco Tuscan Tweed, free Knitty pattern), White Smoke Cardigan (Berroco Corsica, knitscene pattern), Wickford (Berroco Tuscan Tweed, Twist Collective pattern), White Pine (Berroco Ultra Alpaca)

Beatnik free knitting pattern by Norah Gaughan in Berroco Remix
Beatnik by Norah Gaughan in Berroco Remix, free at

And more cable patterns…
(Berroco Mercado), Queen Maud (Berroco Fiora), Millington Cardigan (Berroco Ultra Wool), Tensile (Berroco Andean Mist), Breena (Berroco Ultra Alpaca), Rafik (Berroco Remix), Chaparral (Berroco Ultra Alpaca), Rosamond (Berroco Mercado), Ropewalk (Berroco Maya)

Morton knitted cardigan pattern by Donna Yacino in Berroco Mercado
Morton by Donna Yacino in Berroco Mercado

If you don’t mind doing a bit of yarn substitution (and the requisite SWATCHING that comes with subbing)…
(try Berroco Pima 100 instead), Aidez (free, try Berroco Vintage Chunky), Forster (try Berroco Ultra Alpaca), Perdita (free, try Berroco Mercado), Blish (free, try Berroco Remix or Berroco Brielle), Red Clover (try Beroco Tuscan Tweed), Connate (try Berroco Ultra Wool)

Larkspur cardigan knitting pattern Amy Christoffers
Larkspur shown in Berroco Indigo, designed by Amy Christoffers

Are you going to join us? Leave a comment below or in the Ravelry group letting us know what project you’re planning to make and in which Berroco yarn!


  1. Hoping to join despite having a couple of shawls on the go. I am thinking of knitting Riasa which uses Catena-is that okay? I have knitted cables a number of times btw.

  2. Very cool! Such beautiful options! Is there a way for me to filter the list on Ravelry to just list top down or side to side options (i.e., no set in sleeves 🙂 )?

    1. Yes! If you have that webpage open, scroll down until you see the Attributes “folder”, then click “Construction.” There are filters in there for both “top down” and “sideways.”

  3. I love knitting sweaters with cables. I will keep this Berroco Blog letter for a very long time because of its endless wonderful recommendations.
    Thanks so knitterly.

    1. Hi Melissa! Berroco Comfort Chunky is the only non-wool yarn we currently have that’s really close to the gauge. Vintage Chunky is another option you could try, it’s only 40% wool (the rest are synthetic fibers) and it’s easy care, if the question is about washability and not so much sensitivity.

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