Shop LYS is BACK!

We’re bringing Shop LYS back for another year! Get the scoop on how you can earn free Berroco pattern PDFs by shopping at your local yarn store.

What it is: Our Shop LYS promotion is designed to reward YOU for shopping local (or as local as you can) during the holiday season. We know it’s a crazy busy season—maybe you’re frantically trying to figure out what to get your great-aunt Martha, or maybe you’ve been finished for months and are just trying to wait it out. Whatever the case may be, if you visit your Local Yarn Store during the week and purchase $25 (or more) of Berroco yarn, you can earn a coupon code good for a free Berroco pattern PDF.

When is it? This year, the Berroco Shop LYS promotion runs from Friday, November 24, through Thursday, November 30. Take advantage of any holiday sales your local yarn store may be having to maximize your gains with little effort!

How do I earn free pattern PDFS? First and foremost, KEEP TRACK OF YOUR RECEIPTS. Those receipts are the ticket to getting your free PDF(s). For every $25 you spend on Berroco yarn, you earn one free coupon code.

$25–$49.99 spent on Berroco yarn? 1 coupon code
$50–$74.99 spent on Berroco yarn? 2 coupon codes
$75–$99.99 spent on Berroco yarn? 3 coupon codes

And so on and so on. Just a note, those numbers are not tied to the US dollar, so if you spend CAD$25, that’s a coupon code, if you spend £25, that’s a coupon code.

Once you’ve done your shopping, take photos of your receipts with your mobile phone, or scan them in (if your store has the option to email a receipt, you can use that email as well), then head to our EmailMeForm and upload your receipts. Make sure you correctly type your email address, as that’s the only way we have to send your coupon codes. Please be patient if you’re submitting receipts over the weekend—it’s not an automatic process and I’m the only one processing the forms and sending out the coupon codes, and the Berroco offices are closed November 24–November 26, so I will begin processing them on Monday, November 27.

There aren’t any Local Yarn Stores that carry Berroco near me! Well… are you sure? Our Store Locator will help you find stores near you that carry Berroco yarns. And it could very well be that you can’t find a specific yarn near you—we understand that. If you purchase Berroco yarn at an online store during the promotion, we will still reward you with the coupon codes—we’re just trying to generate some more love for the small local shops. 

Which patterns could I get for free? Any of the patterns listed in our Berroco Pattern Store. If you’re thinking about buying yarn to make a particular project, find all the details about how much yarn you’ll need, purchase that yarn, and then get the pattern for free! Or you could just go to your store, buy enough Berroco yarn to qualify for a free pattern or two, and then spend some time choosing your free patterns. The choice is yours!

What else do I need to knowThis promotion is only valid on Berroco yarns. All receipts must be received by December 8, 2017. All earned coupon codes must be used by January 31, 2018.

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  1. What a lovely idea. Very gracious, sadly, my LYS receipts are not any more specific than ‘yarn’ ‘notions’ ‘books’-how would that be taken into account?

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