CLOSED: Pom Pom Winter + Giveaway

Congrats to Sarah for winning this giveaway!

Pom Pom Quarterly just released their Winter 2017 volume and it is the perfect antidote to the dark days of Winter. I am especially excited because I contributed a design to this beautiful collection—Bindrune, in the always lovely Lettlopi by our partner brand Istex.

This cozy cardigan/jacket is worked back and forth in rows from the bottom up. The back and fronts are worked separately from the underarm to the shoulders, which are shaped using short rows. The sleeves are worked in the round from the bottom up and seamed to the body.

Bindrune by Amy Christoffers Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 23 Winter 2017 014


All the color work happens at the hem and the cuff making this a great project for pushing your color boundries—choose a main color to suit your style and wardrobe and have a little fun with the contrast colors. The original is shown in Istex Lettlopi (worsted; 100% Icelandic Wool, 100 m/109 yds per 50 g skein)  Yarn A: Heaven (1702); 3 (3, 3, 4, 4, 4) skeins, Yarn B: Rough Sea (1415); 3 (3, 3, 4, 4, 4) skeins, Yarn C: Ash Grey (0054); 5 (5, 6, 6, 7, 8) skeins. But I’ve had some fun this morning coming up with alternate color ways:

Neutral: Black Heather, Golden Heather, and Oatmeal (I may need to cast on one in this combination on right now.)

Bright: Royal Fuchsia, Mimosa, and Apricot (inspired by my blog co-author Amy Palmer who would rock this with an amazing red lipstick)

Western: Grey, Brick heather, and Grape heather—an iconic combination destined to be worn with cowboy boots.

What colors would you use to knit your Bindrune? Tell us in the comments below and you could win a print copy of the Pom Pom Quartlery Issue 23 and the yarn to knit your own in your chosen shade. Contest open from now until 11:59 EST Sunday November 26th. One winner will be chosen at random and announced here Monday, November 27th.

Bindrune by Amy Christoffers Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 23 Winter 2017 01

Can’t wait? Order your copy of Pom Pom Winter here, or you could subscribe and feel all warm and cozy in in the winter weather.

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260 thoughts on “CLOSED: Pom Pom Winter + Giveaway

  1. I’m looking at the awesome shades in the Western colourway: Grey, Brick heather, and Grape heather! What a wonderful project!

  2. I’m like you, one is not enough, but which combo to do first?

    1418 spónn/straw and 1707 geimur/galaxy and 1408 ljósrauð samkemba/light red heather

    I want these three colors* because the combination is way outside my comfort zone, but I think they’d be great. I just can’t decide between straw and galaxy for the main color

    * and dozens more

    Thanks for the inspiration and the giveaway.

  3. I love the Spring Green Heather so that needs to be one of my colors. Glacier Blue Heather is good with that and I like Straw as my main color.

  4. Royal Fuchsia, Mimosa, and Apricot are three of my faves and would work stunningly in my wardrobe.

  5. The bright is calling my name. And I am a tee shirt and cardi kind of a gal so this pattern is one I would love to have!

  6. I would use light ash heather, stone blue heather and air blue. Thank you for the chance to win the book and yarn to make this fantastic sweater!!

  7. I love the colors in the Bright colorway. Nothing fights off the winter blues better that bright, vivid colors.

  8. The Western colors speak to me, but neutrals always work too. I’ve been trying to step outside the box and pick colors lately though so if I were to do something in my own colors, I’d choose 0054 light ash heather as the main, and 1414 violet heather and 1417 frostbite for the accent colors. Looks like an awesome sweater for Chicago weather.

  9. Ok, I can’t not leave a comment on this one!

    First of all, big congrats on a beautiful design, and to be featured in Pom Pom!!!

    Secondly, the Western colors would be my pick, and not just because I’m from Texas. It’s country colors that I love (and I already have the boots).

  10. What a great sweater! I love Lettlopi. I think I would go with the Ash Heather for the body with Fuschia and maybe Amber for the contrast colors? Or maybe Amber for the body and… Hmmmmm…I may have to do some swatching

  11. The first item I ever knit was a sweater vest in Lopi. 🙂 I love this beautiful and elegant sweater in the Western colorway.

  12. Such a beautiful sweater!! I love the Neutral colors :
    Black Heather, Golden Heather and Oatmeal. Gorgeous!!

  13. I want Golden Heather, Mimosa and Apricot, our winters in Fairbanks are Soooo Very White, a flash of brilliance is quite appropriate!

  14. Western. what a bright colorway for a pop of color and fun for such a beautiful sweater to wear on a cold wintry day

  15. I love the original of Heaven, Rough Sea and Ash Grey. My colours. Sigh. Such a beautiful, cozy sweater!

  16. I would love to make this in 1703 mimosa, 1408 light red heather, and 1412 pink heather. I’ve been wanting to make something in golds and pinks and this would be wonderful!

  17. Love the Western combo so much, I think I’m heading out to buy cowboy boots! It’s terrific.

  18. I would love Royal Fuchsia, Grape Heather, and Apricot. Those colors would be so much fun to knit together!

  19. I would use light ash, spring green and apricot. Those colors are outside of my normal knitting palette and it would be good to switch things up.

  20. The Neutrals please! I need this in my life ❤️👏🏼👏🏼 . I have been dying to try this yarn.

  21. I choose gray, brick, and grape because those colors would add a little something to my wardrobe!

  22. The neutral colorway… each one is a favorite color and would fit right in with my wardrobe. Truly beautiful.

  23. So hard to decide. I would go with natural or western though I would wear all the colors when I think of it. Lovely. 😊

  24. Wow! It’s gorgeous! I think it’s a toss up for the body between a dark grey or black. But definitely the Royal Fuchsia , Mimosa and Apricot. What a statement piece!
    Thank you!

  25. So many gorgeous shades, it’s so hard to choose!! Today I’m thinking Light ash heather, Glacier blue heather and Galaxy 🙂

  26. I love the black heather. Classic colouring with a not so classic styling! Looks wonderfully comfortable!

  27. Beautiful! I would use Navy Blue as the main color, and Mustard and Golden Heather for the color work accents.

  28. Just finished a pullover for my daughter, Mora by Guðrún Gunnarsdóttir Michelsen, and ready for the next project. My favourite colours are ash grey, dark wine and pink heather.

  29. I have about 10 skeins of Lett Lopi Oatmeal Heather waiting to be something. Binder just be that something! Then I’d need another in Royal Fucia, Mimiosa and Apricot for my very Happy days!

  30. So many lovely colors!! I like the idea of using 0056 ljósgrár/ash heather, 1705 lambagras/royal fuchsia, and 1707 geimur/galaxy. I’m totally in love with that galaxy!!

  31. Oh, wow, I love love love the original colorway! The subtle hint of the light blue at the hem and cuffs is perfect!

  32. I’d have to go with black heather as the main colour with royal fuchsia and spring green heather…simply because I’m rather into matching my knits to my hair colour at the moment!!

  33. I would like to see the yarn in person, but my choices would be Straw, Air Blue and Fjord Blue. It’s a beautiful sweater, and I love those colors.

  34. I‘d use ocean blue and fjord blue as color A and B and air blue as the main color C because I am in a very blueish mood at the moment. 💙 But the very best thing about this all is that I already got the pompom mag #23 and would be able to start knitting this in a minute. 😉

  35. I’d love to make a Bindrune with the main colour being “geimur”, with “ash heather” and “glacial blue”

  36. I’d love to knit my mum one, buta really colourful one. Lapis blue Heather for the main colour, with milky way and royal fuchsia for the colour work.

  37. Hi! Thanks for a great giveaway! I haven’t tried Lettlopi yet, but would love to. I really want to start doing some colourwork, so this cardy is a great starter for me. There are so many colours that it’s hard to choose. I love the Stone Blue Heather as the main colour with either Lapis Blue Heather or Navy Blue and also the Garnet Red Heather.

  38. I love all the possibilities colorwork offers! I like the idea of making this gorgeous pattern in black sheep with glacier blue heather and white.

  39. I could come up with so many color combinations, maybe pine green heather, frostbite and black sheep heather, or maybe straw, chocolat heather and barley

  40. I’d really like to do a greenish version so something like Frostbite as MC and violet heather and bottle green heather contrasts.

  41. I would love to make this in the Neutral colorway – that scummy yellow / gold has stolen my heart!

  42. Milkyway, pink heather and glacier I think although all the colours are so lovely it’s hard to choose.

  43. I’d like to knit a sweater of earth colors.

    Yarn A: Rust Heather (9427)
    Yarn B: Chocolate heather (0867)
    Yarn C: Hazel Heather (1401)

  44. I would definitely knit it up in the Bright combo – absolutely perfect for combating winter (the issue *is* vivid winter after all!) wonderful pattern, and I was thrilled to see that is used Lopi!

  45. I just LOVE the Bright color way with the fuchsia, mimosa and apricot colors. This is the kind of winter cardigan you need when it’s dark and cold up here in Canada. (And worn with a red lipstick, of course 😉 )

  46. Oh my goodness!! It would have to be the Heaven, then the glacia blue and then the galaxy… (just look at the colours in the galaxy…I am actually salivating whilst looking at them 😐 sorry),,,,, What a fantastic giveaway! Thank you for the chance!

  47. Dark grey heather,garnet red heather and oatmeal look tempting! There are some beautiful colours to choose from x

  48. The neutral colorway you put together is gorgeous. I’d wear it practically every day in the fall and winter.

  49. I’d stick with the Ash Grey as Yarn C, then add Air Blue as Yarn A and Ocean Blue as Yarn B. What a beautiful sweater!

  50. Oooh tricky. So many gorgeous shades to chose from. Probably milky way, grape Heather and pink Heather.

  51. Royal Fuchsia, Black Heather and Oatmeal. Love the plum colours and knitting with Lettelopi yarn

  52. The neutral colors for me. Such a great project and a historical magazine. People are collecting these beautiful publications, and for good reason.

  53. Valley the color selections are BEAUTIFUL! If I have to choose one, the Western would be fun to knit. I have every issue of POM POM….what ever happen with ( if you happen to find the most beautiful sweater in the world….) ? Was it found?


  54. This is such a gorgeous pattern! It’s so hard to choose, but I think I would go with greys and greens – Space Galaxy for the main body, fading to Rough Sea, with the accent in Light Ash Heather 🙂

  55. One look at the Grape Heather and my choice was settled ….. it would be Western for me – no doubts at all.

  56. I have been planning something in mustard for a long time so I would do Mustard for the main colour with white and Golden Heather .

  57. I would choose the Neutral color combination. I would love to knit this cardigan up in those colors. It would be something I could see myself wearing often!!!

  58. This pattern would be perfect for autumn in Victoria BC! I love all 3 of the alternative colour ways, but if I could choose any Lopi colour combination it would be Barley as the main colour, acorn heather as the dark contrast and then have a tough time deciding between jump green heather or glacier blue heather as the bright contrast. Beautiful yarn, beautiful pattern!

  59. I love the black heather and golden heather – but would add a nice splash of turquoise with it! Lovely sweater, looks like perfect winter coziness!

  60. I’m in love with the original color way, I love to knit with Lopi and a long cardigan would be so nice for chilly mornings and cold evenings. In combination with a purple skirt I have it would also be an awesome X-mas outfit.

  61. I’m in love with this sweater! I’m thinking Glacier blue heather as colour A, Galaxy for B and Milkyway for C. Really excited to start it, but I’ve promised myself I have to finnish my paper first…

  62. Love the dressy/casual wearing possibilities of this cozy piece! Neutral: Black Heather, Golden Heather, and Oatmeal for the win!

  63. I would knit it in the brightest colors you have available because I would be SO happy to win and would want everyone to see it!
    I’ve been wanting to do a colorwork sweater. This one is so gorgeous and perfect! Pick me ☺️

  64. They are all beautiful, bit the neutral color way is my absolute favorite. They remind me of a sweater I had way back in high school that I wish wad still in my closet!

  65. I have been thinking about this since I saw the preview… I’m leaning towards something like ash grey, pink heather, and bottle green heather. But there are a lot of good choices! Love this design.

  66. I would use Grey for the main colour and red for one of the contrast colours, along with a darker shade of grey

  67. I’d choose Colorways out of my normal selections and go with the Royal Fuchsia, Mimosa and Apricot. Vibrant colours that POP against the winter snowfall in central Manitoba! Yet would still look sharp with a solid colour top, skinny jeans and ballet flats! Thanks for the chance to win Berroco!

  68. I love the gray and brick, but would use apricot instead of the grape as a third colour. I love the warm red, oranges, and yellows right now.

  69. Neutral all the way! Taupe + gray go with everything, and who doesn’t love a little flash of gold to brighten things up?

  70. Great initiative and beautiful garnment with my favo wool ever! I would love to knit this in the original color, but just one shade darker grey (0057) for the simple reason that i will be wearing it outside when on a farm. The original color shafes are beautiful but i would also like to play with possibilities with shades 9964 golden heather, 9966 cypres green, 1240 dark magenta, 0159 orchid, 9965 chartreuse green heather and a little touch of 9958 light indigo

  71. I think I would choose the western palette although I really love the bright pink and orange combo!

  72. Hi, i’d Go out of my comfort zone and choose the BRIGHT. It would add some much needed fun to my wardrobe:)

  73. All of the colour ways look fab, my first choice would be Western as it would go so well with colours in my wardrobe, fingers crossed.

  74. Interesting garment. I had this idea of frostbite color (kal) as main color and apricot and berry heather as accent. I did use lettlopi when I made felted slippers. It’s very easy to work with this yarn. Would be very happy to knit with it again. Keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you for wonderful ideas.

  75. love all of them !!! The order I would like to knit them is the model, then the Western, then the Neutral, then the Bright…
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!!!

  76. I would love barley 1419 as a main colour and murky 1420 and glacier blue 1404 for a contrast colours. I definitely need to knit warm cardi for myself!

  77. I Like Western – but if I could pick my own it would be Lapis Blue Heather with Air Blue and Fjord Blue 🙂

  78. So many choices! I would use milkyway for the main color, and galaxy and glacier blue heather for the border. What a cozy sweater!

  79. I’d use Ash Grey, Fuschia and Golden Heather. I love to knit with Lopi and Lettlopi for its warmth and lightness! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  80. Thank you for the chance to win. I love lettlopi, Pompom, your pattern—and the neatral colorway 💕💕

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