CLOSED. Giveaway! Berroco + Annie’s Autumn Glow Collection

EDIT: Congratulations to Kathy for winning this giveaway! We wrote about Annie’s brand new Autumn Glow collection a couple of weeks ago, focusing on the great designs from Berroco team members Amy Christoffers and Alison Green. But there are even more amazing patterns using Berroco yarns in the brand new design collection from Annie’s Signature Designs, and we’re giving one lucky crafter the opportunity to knit or crochet the project of their choice!

Twin Ridge Tee by Alison Green knit in Berroco Fiora Want to knit Alison Green’s Twin Ridge Tee? This great popover uses just a few hanks of Berroco Fiora® in a combination of garter stitch and easy eyelets.

Sweet Springs Cardigan knitting pattern by Amy Christoffers knit in Berroco Vintage DKOr maybe you’ve been eyeing Amy Christoffers’ Sweet Springs Cardigan? This gorgeous cable-and-eyelets combo is knit in Berroco Vintage® DK for a fabulous fall jacket.

Shawdowplay Pullover knitting pattern by Sandi Prosser knit in Berroco Ultra Wool

Sandi Prosser’s Shadowplay Pullover is knit with our new 100% superwash yarn, Berroco Ultra® Wool, with simple cables along the front and a deep ribbed turtleneck.

Sierra Point Sweater knitting pattern by Lena Skvagerson, knit in Berroco Ultra WoolOne of the strengths of Berroco Ultra Wool is that it’s also great for colorwork projects you don’t have to handwash. So you could knit Lena Skvagerson’s Sierra Point Sweater with two colors of Ultra Wool for an easy-care colorwork sweater.

Casmalia Sweater crochet pattern by Tammy Hildebrand, crocheted with Berroco Remix LightIf you prefer to crochet, we’ve got you covered there, too! Tammy Hildebrand’s Casmalia Sweater is perfect for anyone in slightly warmer climates, as it’s made with three colors of Berroco Remix® Light, our new DK-weight version of our popular 100% recycled fibers, wool-free yarn.

Vista Point Vest crochet pattern by Jill Hanratty, crocheted with Berroco Vintage DK

Finally, you could choose to crochet the Vista Point Vest by Jill Hanratty, crocheted with Berroco Vintage DK. I love the deep vee, offset with the cool cable lace pattern.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post letting us know which of these projects you’d like to make! Giveaway is open to anyone in the world age 18 and older. Berroco will be providing the yarn, and the great folks at Annie’s will be sending a copy of the pattern. Giveaway closes at 11:59 pm EST on Thursday, October 12. Winner will be contacted via email on Friday, October 13. Blog is set for moderated comments, so it may take a little while for your comment to display.

If you just can’t wait to get started, all of the patterns shown here are available as single pattern PDFs or as kits from Annie’s Craft Store. Be sure to check out all of the great patterns in their Autumn Glow collection!

145 thoughts on “CLOSED. Giveaway! Berroco + Annie’s Autumn Glow Collection

  1. I think the sweet springs cardigan is perfection. You can wear it in the winter as a layer for warmth or in cool weather as a jacket. It has a timeless style you can wear for years.

  2. Tough choice, but I think I would love to knit the Shadow Play Pullover. Ah, so much to knit, so little time.

  3. It’s between Twin Ridge and Shadowplay Pullover. I think Shadowplay is the one, but I’d have to modify the turtleneck. Turtlenecks have never made sense to me on a short-sleeved sweater….

  4. The Sweet Springs Cardi is calling my name. I even like be it to n the color the model is wearing

    1. I really hate autocorrect sometimes. I wanted to say I even like it in the color the model is wearing

  5. Wow, this is a hard one. My choices are between Sweet Spring Cardi, Shadowplay Pullover and maybe try my hand at fair isle with Sierra Point Sweater. Yikes I can’t decide.

  6. Sandi Prosser’s Shadowplay Pullover is just the cat’s meow! I’d knit it with Berroco Ultra Wool 100% superwash yarn in Basil!

  7. Ooo I’d enjoy making and wesring the Twin Ridge Tee – elegant and comfy/casual all rolled up in one!

  8. I am opting for the Twin Ridge Tee. It would suit my personal style perfectly. and….I love Fiora! What a nice collection!

  9. The Shadowplay pullover is calling my name. I’d most likely make a long-sleeved version since I’m always cold! It looks so warm and snuggly.

  10. I would love to make the Sweet Springs Cardigan! I had actually bought the pattern just before I saw this!

  11. Sandi Prosser’s ShadowPlay Cardi is right up my style lane! I would continue with the sleeves and also divide the front neckline. Hope I win, but may have t just place in the que! LOVE IT! THANK YOU!

  12. Sierra for SURE!. The tunic is perfect for transition and also later in the winter since it can layer. And it epitomizes the concept of Hygge!!!!!!!

  13. The sweet springs cardigan is very classy. It would be a treat to win and make it for someone special. ..

  14. Sweet springs or twin ridge tee are both lovely and I hope to make them even if I don’t win! Need
    to use a non wool fiber.

  15. I would love to make the Casmalia sweater, it would be perfect for fall in my corner of the world.

  16. Sweet Spring Cardigan would be awesome knitted in either moss green or the suggested mustard. Classic shape in today’so stype

  17. My first favourite is the Shadow Ridge Pullover. My second favourite is th Twin Tidge Tee. Thank you

  18. I’m having a hard time deciding between the Sweet Springs Cardigan and the Sierra Point Sweater. A little more time and I should be able to make a decision. Love them both.

  19. I’m normally more of a Knitter than a crocheter, but the Casmalia sweater is so beautiful I’d love to make it!
    Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

  20. Sweet Springs Cardigan has a very nice style. It is something I would love to make and wear.

  21. Really like the Twin Ridge Tee – it’s something I’d enjoy knitting AND would actually wear!

  22. I am loving either crocheted sweaters, as I have been looking for a sleeved sweater in crochet with a little ‘fit’ for some time.

  23. Very tough choice, I would either choose the twin ridge tee since I have never used berocco fiera or the the sierra point sweater since I love the ultra wool and could use some color work practice.

  24. I would want to knit Alison Green’s Twin Ridge Tee with Berroco Fiora in the color Auburn (size 3X). I’m in love with the yarn content and the yarn color but I also love tunics, especially those that are longer in the back. It’s my perfect combination – pattern, yarn content and color. 🙂

  25. I would appreciate the opportunity to knit Amy Christoffers’ Sweet Springs Cardigan in Cerulean or Breezeway. Love these Giveaways!

  26. Hmm…hard to choose, but I think the Sweet Springs Cardigan would be the first on the needles.

  27. I would definitely make the sweet springs cardigan as I need a new cardigan desperately. I’ve changed my whole wardrobe, and cardigans in the right color have been hard to come by.

  28. I agree with most of the comments on here that it’s difficult to choose just one favourite. All the featured designs are lovely and I would take pleasure in knitting or crocheting any one of them; though one garment does stand out for me and that’s the Sierra Point Sweater.
    With winter and the festive season fast approaching, this lovely stranded colorwork sweater fits the bill. Should I be lucky enough to win, my colour choice would be: fog and cream. Happy Knitting 🙋

  29. These are beautiful! I’d love to try the Sierra Point sweater, I think my daughter would love it!

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