Berroco Bingo 2017 winners!

It’s time to announce the winners for this year’s Berroco Bingo game! Thank you again to everyone who played—we had a great turnout! Sorry for the delay in getting this out there—I’m always torn in a position of not wanting to announce the winners until I’ve heard from everyone, but I don’t always hear back from people very promptly (or at all, in which case I draw new winners), so this post is much later than I would have wanted it to be. But it’s here now!

Please join me in saying congratulations to our five Grand Prize winners, Cindy, Lilly, Michell, Sharon, and June! Each of them received all of the Berroco Fall/Winter 2017 pattern books, a Berroco project bag, a Berroco enamel pin, AND enough Berroco yarn to make any project of their choice.

Two winners (Sharon and Michell) chose yarn to make Abayomi from our Berroco Quechua™ booklet, and June choose to make the Greenwood Shawl, designed by Martha Wissing for Berroco Portfolio Volume 2. Lilly has the yarn to knit the  Ametista Coat from Norah Gaughan Volume 7, and Cindy could join in our Berroco Portfolio 4 knit-along with the Glacial Pullover, designed by Jesie Ostermiller for that book.

We also had a great group of First Prize winners, who each received a copy of Berroco Portfolio Volume 4. Please give around of applause to Aimee B, Ginny W, Toni A, Pamela J, Roberta S, Laura P, Jennifer W, Dara B, Cheryl S, Betty D, Denise W, Rebecca J, Jessica H, Elizabeth D, Charlie L, Lora S, Kelly S, Anneli W, Diane G, Carlene B, Mary P, Irene R, Heidi B, and Cindy L!

We’ll have more opportunities to win great prizes from Berroco very soon, so stay tuned!

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