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Get Started Weaving with Little Looms

We’ve talked about weaving a bit on the Berroco blog—it’s a great way to take a break from knitting and crocheting while still being able to play with yarn! Woven fabrics can be used in a variety of projects, and weaving patterns yield endless inspiration. But if you’re just thinking about dipping your toes in the weaving waters, we have a great opportunity for you to win an Intro to Weaving kit.

Small looms, such as the pin loom or rigid heddle looms, are the perfect introduction to weaving. They’re typically low-cost and  there’s a lot of pattern support and inspiration available for them. One such source is Interweave’s special weaving issue, Easy Weaving with Little Looms. Both this year’s edition and last year’s offer tips and tricks to get you started weaving with small looms, along with patterns for weaving projects to make with those small looms. One such project is Angela Tong’s Pin-Loom Clutch, worked on a Schacht Zoom Loom with two colors of Berroco Cotolana™.

We’ll have a blog post from Angela later this week, providing more information about her cute little clutch purse.

The Schacht Zoom Loom is a great way to learn the ins and outs (pun somewhat intended) about weaving. This pin loom is a complete package—you get the loom in a convenient carrying case, the weaving needle, and even a little bit of yarn to get you started before moving on to bigger and better projects, like those you would find in Easy Weaving with Little Looms.

Thanks to our friends at Schacht and Interweave, we’re giving a way a weaving starter kit! One winner will receive a print copy of Easy Weaving with Little Looms, a Schact Zoom Loom package, enough Berroco Cotolana to make the Pin-Loom Clutch (you choose the colors), all in a Berroco project bag! Want to win? It’s easy! Giveaway is now closed. 

• Winner will be chosen at random on Friday, May 5 and notified via email

1,030 thoughts on “Get Started Weaving with Little Looms

    1. I have been wanting to try weaving in a “little” way. So many beautiful colors to from…maybe Beech & Madder.

    2. I would use willow and mapple. My mom had one of the original models and I have asked her what she did with it and her response is how do i know that was 50 years ago. Happy to see others partaking in the fun.

    3. I would use Beech and Witch Hazel to match the dress I will be wearing at a forthcoming wedding!

    4. I really like the colors: Sumac and Sycamore. I remember my Great Grandmother having a mini loom. I’m not sure she ever made anything with it but I really wish now I could go back and find it.

    5. I’d go with Madder and Maple. I have a floor loom that I have never set-up or learned to use. I would love to get my feet wet with a portable loom.

    6. Time to get back to weaving, perhaps. I would choose willow and cypress for an interesting color combination.

    7. I would use Balsam and Willow, and I know its a third but a little shot of Cypress here and there for a boost.

    8. Such lovely muted colors. I would use Hawthorne and Madder, but I had a hard time deciding.

    9. I would use Birch and Sycamore. I think that would be a nice neutral but interesting mix. Thanks.

    10. What an amazing giveaway.
      I would LOVE to have my very first Berocco yarn.

      I love the colorway Sumac and balsam.
      All the other colors are so beautiful too.
      And a Zoom Loom looks so much fun.
      Thank you so much for a fantastic giveaway.

  1. Would love to win the loom. It would be a great new learning tool for the summer after knitting all winter. My colors would be Beech and White Pine. Thank you for t his opportunity.

  2. I would love to use beech and cypress to try a new little loom craft!!! A nice break when my hands may hurt from knitting too much!

  3. For a start, I’d go with Madder and Maple. I have been wanting to try weaving for some time now– thank you for the great recommendations for the initiate….

  4. I’d love to make the little clutch in sycamore and sumac. A fun splash of reddish pink goes with just about anything!!!

  5. I like Madder and Willow for the contrast. My teenage niece would have fun making projects with this loom.

  6. I’ve got a big loom, a little one would be fun to explore. Hawthorne and Maple look good at the moment.

  7. I would love to weave something in Willow & Elm. Thank you for this opportunity. 🙂

  8. Sumac and Cypress would be the colors that I would use. Reminds me of my potholder making days!!!

  9. Hawthorne and Balsam, which remind me of the colors of Scottish thistles. (Maybe a single strand of Maple worked in here and there, for a tiny random element.)

    I am not the least bit Scottish myself, but they have a wonderful weaving tradition to celebrate, and music that makes a lively companion for any fiberwork.

  10. I would love beech & maple although there’s so many lovely colours to match or contrast, it was a difficult choice. I haven’t done any weaving since my school days so this would be a great opportunity to give it another go.

    1. Hi Julie! You’re one of our prize winners—hope you love getting back into the weaving groove! Please check your email.

  11. The Mapke and Birch are fabulous! I love the idea of working with the little loom–ideas are blooming.

  12. I’m not normally one for subtle colors, but I think Sycamore and Willow would be so elegant together. Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

  13. Willow and White pine would make a lovely combination and it would be great to win these. Thanks for the chance

  14. Beach and Balsam! Hard decision, all the colors are beautiful. This reminds me of all the pot holders I used to make as a child. Love the idea of the purse.

  15. What a great idea – I know I would enjoy this. Probably the Sumac and Maple, but I’d have to think on that some more. How do you choose – they’re all beautiful!

  16. I would like to weave with Witch Hazel and Hawthorn. Of course any of them would be great!

  17. I have wanted to play with weaving for quite some time. I would go with balsam and beech.

  18. I love the names of these colors as well as their soft tones! I think Sumac and Balsam would be lovely together.

  19. I would love to win this loom. The colors i would choose would be balsam and white palm. Thanks so much

  20. I would like to try a combo of Madder and Sumac or White Pine and Cypress. All the colors are beautiful so hard to choose!

  21. Sumac and Madder are my choices…….thanks for opportunity to win 🐑 🦌 🇳🇿

  22. I’d use Beech and Witch Hazel–goes with all my outfits! I still have two small vintage Weave-It looms my grandmother used to weave afghans for all her grandchildren, and of course, the afghan she made for me in shades of red and pink. She also cross-stitched designs on some of the squares.

  23. Balsam and Sycamore would be my color choices, although any of the colors would be delightful. Such beautiful neutrals!

  24. Willow and witch hazel should provide a nice contrast AND I love blue. But why limit this to only two colors? Adding a little green, maybe for connecting the squares, feels right.

  25. Balsam and maple. Neutral and I love the green! Looks like a fun project and great for gifting

  26. I have been wanting to try this for some time. I would love to make this clutch in Cypress and Sumac. It would be a wonderful pop of color for the gray days in the Pacific Northwest.

  27. Definitely Cypress (3524) and Sumac (3560). I would love to have the opportunity to use these colors to make the Pin-Loom Clutch!

  28. Willowand birch would look,lovely! but it would be fun to experiment with so many colors!

  29. Sumac and maple would be the colours I would use. Might be easier to see what I’m doing with the contrasting colours.

  30. I love the idea of weaving again. I haven’done it in years. I would use cypress and elm to make the clutch. It sounds like fun.

  31. Weaving is fascinating to me, and now that’s its “little”…its even more interesting!
    Purple is pretty.

  32. I would use Willow and Sycamore so I wouldn’t have to change bags to match my outfits. TIME IS SCARCE! I’m old! More time for the great grands!

  33. I would choose Elm and Sycamore for my first project. After that I would use up my left over yarn. What a fun way to clean house!

  34. I love the combination of hawthorn and sycamore together! What a lovely yarn and a great giveaway!

  35. I would like the interesting two tone of Maple (3510) & Cypress (3524)
    Thank you for the opportunity

  36. I would use Sycamore and Willow for a classic look and because all of my dress shoes are black! What fun! I have not used a loom since I made my last potholder.

  37. I would thoroughly enjoy winning and experimenting with this loom alongside my daughter. She has turned up her nose and knitting and crochet and this might be the way to get her intrigued by fiber art. I would start with beech 3544 and elm 3532 to create some woven magic.

  38. Oh my, so many choices of delightful color matches. I’m kinda torn between cypress and maple or madder and hawthorn. I guess I’ll just have to buy some additional yarn just to be able to enjoy the colors.

  39. I would birch and elm. All the colors are so lovely and soft. I really want to learn to weave. I have so many little balls if yarn. It wild lulls be great to use them for something. Thanks!

  40. I would weave something in Elm and Balsam. I’ve had a Weave-It loom for over 50 years and every so often I get it out and make something.

  41. This would be a new craft for me! I love making prayer cloths and I’m thinking these little squares would be perfect for this…along with the clutch, too! I love shades of purples and oranges! Thank you!

  42. Ooohh! I would love elm and Hawthorne! The colors match dishes I’ve had since I was 16 and that’s over 40 years ago! Oh my! I would love to take up weaving!

  43. I would like to make the clutch for my adult daughter out of Willow and Beech! Thank you!

  44. I’ve been wanting to try the weaving experience and this hits that urge. I probably would like willow and birch.

  45. White pin and willow because nothing in this world is black and white. Always shades of gray thrown in to balance things out.

  46. My practical side would use Elm and Sycamore, but my more colorful side would use Sumac and Hawthorne.

  47. I’d love to try weaving with Elm and White pine! Thanks for giving me the chance to win.

  48. I would like to try beach and witch hazel. It would be fun to try out a new project like this!

  49. What a wonderful way to use up yarn left over from projects! Or new ones would be nice, too. I would choose beech and white pine.

  50. Nice giveaway offer! I’d use white pine and hawthorne….maybe. Love that you mentioned we could change our mind if we win, so many choices!

  51. Never used a loom before, but it looks interesting. I would go with Willow and Maple. This would be a fun, different project.

  52. I always wanted to try weaving, but the large looms are intimidating. This is a great introduction. Although I am partial to greens, Birch and Maple look like a terrific combination for a project.

  53. I love Elm (3532) & Willow (3570). Just getting ready to retire and this would make a wonderful project.

  54. Would love to win this and dip my toes into this weaving pool! Would use willow and sycamore with a dash of sumac for a purse. A hard choice, all the colors are lovely!!

  55. I wold totally use Cypress and Sumac. Love the pinks and oranges together! I am excited to try a little loom now. 🙂

  56. I would use willow and beech. I would also like to make a sock yarn blanket with all the leftovers I have.

  57. I love the willow and madder colours. Been thinking about trying looming so this would be great.

  58. I would love to win this little loom! My colors would be hawthorn & madder. Thank you!

  59. I would love to weave in madder and Hawthorne colors. I love your yarn and patterns. Thanks so much for the give away.

  60. I would love to use Willow and Cyprus for my colors. This would be a great addition to my Triangle Loom my husband made for me. I love weaving on the loom but this would be more convenient. Love it.

  61. I would love to weave something in black and white. Reminds me of when I was a child and made pot holders.

  62. I love that you named the colors after trees! Balsam and Birch would be my choice for a woven project.

  63. Beech and sycamore would be my choice for this great clutch. I have been thinking for awhile about learning to loom but have hesitated because of the investment in equipment. Would love to win this kit. Sure to get me started on a new adventure!!

  64. Wow! What a new idea for me as a long time knitter to try weaving without the large investment of bigger looms. I love this! As for colors, I would choose sumac and beech. Thanks for a great new idea!

  65. Beech and Hawthorne. I’ve been wanting to try weaving … would love to try on a little loom.

  66. Love the Cotolana colors! So hard to choose. Sycamore and Willow would make a lovely clutch.

  67. White birch & willow. I’ve been wanting one of these looms for a while. Looks like a good way to use thrums.

  68. Wow!! What a great giveaway!!! I’ve always wanted to learn to weave!!! And so many pretty colors of yarn!! I absolutely love the colors Maple and Balsam!! Thank you for the opportunity to win and good luck to everyone!!!

  69. Wow! Would love to try this. I would be wild and combine cypress and sumac to match the latest colour of my hair 🙂 I actually think it might be a pretty combination and outside my comfort level which tends towards browns and greens. Thanks for the great contest. Fingers and needles crossed!

  70. Witch hazel and white pine—but all the colors look good! This project would be so much fun!

  71. Sycamore and Beech would be my colors. I have never used a loom, but I do save my “bits of color” and always wonder what I could do with them. Thank you for a chance to find out.

  72. Willow (3570) and Cypress (3524) would be my color choices if I were to win this giveaway.

  73. I really like maple and birch and think they would make a lovely clutch. Can’t wait to try it out!

  74. I love the sample colors together. Would love to learn how to weave! Thank you for the opportunity.

  75. I love the little loom and have wanted one for some time. Elm and White Pine would be the colours I choose, thank you!

  76. Madder is my favorite color, but I’d put it with either Elm or Birch. Sumac seems a little too much for my taste. I’d love to share the pin loom with my daughters, too.

    1. Hi Maria! You’re one of our winners of the prize package—please check your email!

  77. I think id go for Sumac and Hawthorne – but what a tough decision! Beech and Witch Hazel would be pretty too.

  78. Beech and Elet would be fun. One good thing about small weaving you can take it on the airplane any where in the world.

  79. I think the Sycamore and Hawthorne would be nice together! Thanks for the inspiration!

  80. I’d use Beech (my favorite tree) and Willow (my favorite dog) :-).

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  81. I remember the square loom from when I was a child. I believe I made a blanket for my doll carriage. It would be fun to revisit that experience with my granddaughter. My color choice is white pine and beech. Thank you.

  82. What a generous gift to receive! I would be happy with shades of pink and purple,
    However, whatever you are gifting would be quite wonderful🌺 Thank-you for showing us this loom.

  83. Brings back memories, still have the little square loom my grandmother gave me over 55 years ago.

  84. I would love a little kit, I’m always happy to learn new skills. I would use in berroco cotolana balsam 3523 and maple 3510 to weave the little clutch, it would look really earhty.

  85. I need another yarn obsession! I love purples so I would choose Madder and Hawthorn together!

  86. Balsam and Cypress would be my choices. I tried my hand at weaving many years ago and set it aside when space became an issue. I love the idea of getting back into it with these little looms.

  87. Tough choice! Probably Beech and Witch Hazel, with a White Pine accent.. It would be a perfect accessory to my staple spring / summer wardrobe!

  88. I’ve never weaved before just knitting. It looks like it might be fun. I like the madder and Hawthorne colours. Soft and muted.

  89. I like the white pine and willow yarns together for the purse, although the witch hazel is my favorite color of this yarn.