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I’ve been talking about pin loom weaving the last few weeks, and there’s been lots of great discussion about weaving. Many of you have asked about project ideas for the pin loom. First, the pin loom is a great project for younger crafters—it’s a project you can easily do with children who are interested in crafting, as it’s a bit easier to manage and fast. If the last few weeks of posts about weaving have inspired you to try pin loom weaving, here is one last post on the topic, rounding up a few project ideas and some resources.

Weave-It looms are no longer being manufactured, but they are still quite common—a quick search on ebay reveals many available for purchase with the charming original packaging. You can also search for Weavette and Loomette brands. I found a few of these vintage mini looms available on Etsy as well. You can buy new pin looms manufactured here in the United States as well—Schacht makes the Zoom Loom, available through many LYS and and online retailers. Mielkes Fiber Arts makes beautiful looms out of Cherry or Walnut in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Interweave has a special magazine all about Easy Weaving with Little Looms, and in 2010, Piecework magazine devoted an issue to weaving—you can still purchase an ebook of the issue. Pin Loom weaving by Margaret Stump features 40 projects, tips, and tricks as well as a tutorial to build your own. 100 Pin Loom Squares by Florencia Campos Correa is an idea book with techniques for different squares as well as projects. For more ideas, check out Pinterest, and be sure to check out the Schacht Spindle Company has many free downloadable projects here and blog posts here.

What are you planning to make with a pin loom? Maybe there is a crafter on your holiday gift list who would enjoy learning to use a pin loom too?

2 thoughts on “Easy Weaving

  1. These are all very good choices for resources!

    There are also Ravelry groups that are very helpful and fun. My favorites are “Looms to Go” and the “Zoom Loom Club”.

    For the looms, the Zoom Loom is the ergonomically improved contemporary version of the vintage pin looms. Has a great story behind it with John Mullarkey. And then there’s Hazel Rose … check her out!

    For Facebook fans, there’s a very good group “Pin Loom Weaving Support Group” that’s worth joining once the pin loom weaving bug has gotten you …

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