Berroco Tuscan Tweed Knit- and Crochet-along Check In

We’re about half-way through our Berroco Tuscan Tweed™ Knit- and Crochet-along! Some of us are still chugging along on our projects (that’s my momentarily stalled-out Bearberry up above—I got side tracked by trying to churn out a baby blanket in under two weeks for a friend, but it’s in Berroco Vintage® Chunky so I’m only mostly insane), but a couple of people have finished their projects! Take a look at some of the in-progress and finished projects so far.

Julie over at Knitted Bliss whipped up the most adorable garter stitch baby hat for her little boy. Be sure to read her blog post about the hat for more details and more adorable photos!


Nikki also whipped up a hat in Tuscan Tweed in the Carnations colorway—I love how stitches pop in this yarn.

Myriam is a wizard and is almost done with her Red Clover. She used the same Cherries color that Julie did for her baby hat.

There’s still time to join in the fun! The Tuscan Tweed Knit- and Crochet-along doesn’t end until November 30, so you can still pick a small, easy project to churn out before the deadline. Remember, the only “rule” is that you need to use Berroco Tuscan Tweed to participate!

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