Pantone Colors

Trend forecasting is billion dollar global industry that influences not just the clothes we wear, but the colors of cars, what books get published, even what food we eat. Pantone is an agency that specializes in color analysis. Each season they publish a list of what is on trend according to their forecasters.

I wish I had the luxury of knowing what Pantone’s predictions for the year ahead were when we design the collections—the Fall predictions are announced in March, right around the time that we are photographing the collection, so every season I have a little fun matching up the Berroco collection to the Pantone palette of the season. Here are a few slides from the presentation I gave to our sales rep before the fall collection launched.

Riverside  Blue


Tala from  in Ginkgo shade ‘Sapphire’ #9638, Bearberry in Tuscan Tweed shade ‘Columbine’ #9063, Pyxis in North Star shade ‘Orca’  #3016.


Potters Clay, Aurora Red, Dusty Clay


Harebell in Tuscan Tweed shade ‘Cherries’ #9055, Hana in Macro shade ‘Puffin Beak’ #6746, Ruza in Millifiori shade ‘Snapdragon’ #7887.

Airy Blue, Warm Taupe, Sharkskin


Lamoille in Cotolana shade ‘Witch Hazel’ #3535, Nadia in Ginkgo shades ‘Moonstone’ #9607, ‘Lapis’ #9663, and ‘Amber’ #9636, Mended from Portfolio Volume 2 in Ultra Alpaca shades ‘Dungaree Mix’ #62174 and ‘Moonshadow’ #6209, Korina in Vintage shade ‘Storm’ #5109, Caledonia in Cotolana shades’Sycamore’ #3506, ‘White Pine’ #3501  and ‘Maple’#3510, Windham in Cotolana shades ‘White Pine’ #3501  and ‘Maple’#3510.

Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard, Bodacious


Katka in Milliefiori shade ‘Sedum’ #7883, Keiko Macro shades  ‘Snowshoe Hare’ #7601 and ‘Snowy Owl Eyes’ #6744, Rini in Macro ‘Orca’#6752, Arcadia poncho in Vintage shade ‘Douglas Fir’ #5177, Diné in Ultra Alpaca Chunky shade ‘Tigers Eye’ #7292, Evie in Ultra Alpaca shade ‘Candy Floss’ #62168 and Ultra Alpaca Tonal shade ‘Somerset’ #62303.

Which of these colors are your favorite? Does color sway how you look at a pattern? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Color affects my pattern choices. If I can’t image it in MY color I probably won’t buy it. Some patterns are presented in such a way that it is hard to ‘see’ the item in any color other than what the photo shows

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