Cozy and Quick: Berroco Noble

Berroco’s second heavy-hitter in the bulky yarns category this season is Berroco Noble™, a super soft two-ply yarn made of 98% merino with just a touch of polyester for strength. Get to know Berroco Noble!

Like Berroco Macro, which we talked about a couple of weeks ago, Noble is a super bulky yarn with a suggested gauge of 2 stitches to the inch on size 17 (12.75 mm) needles. This blend of super-soft merino with a little bit of polyester is gently spun into strands, then two plies are combined to add strength and dimension to the yarn. Noble shows off simple textured stitches perfectly—you can see in the swatch below, and in the patterns created for Noble.


We’ve got six patterns in Booklet 379 Berroco Noble designed to capitalize on this yarn’s ability to show off simple stitch patterns. Knit on large needles, these projects work up quickly for instant gratification knitting.

Damiano cowl knitting pattern in Berroco NobleRook hat knitting pattern in Berroco NobleCoffeehouse cowl knitting pattern in Berroco NobleGiuoco scarf knitting pattern in Berroco NobleGambit capelet knitting pattern in Berroco NobleFianchetto mitten knitting pattern in Berroco Noble

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    1. Hi Suzanne,

      We’ve a couple of questions about this, but there’s no errata for this pattern. It’s very easy to miss a yarnover—a few people have missed the last yarnover in Row 4. If that doesn’t help, it’s best to contact us at patternsupport@berroco.com. Thanks!

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