Knit Quickly with Berroco Macro

What’s better than knitting chic accessories in a squishy yarn? Knitting those projects quickly! Berroco Macro™ is perfect for fast, satisfying knits. Let’s take a look at this new yarn!

Berroco Macro is a blend of 50% wool, 40% acrylic, and 10% alpaca. It’s a singles yarn, meaning that it’s only very loosely twisted and not plied at all. Each hank is a whopping 250 grams, with 112 yards (102 meters)—knit on big needles, that’s actually quite a bit of real estate out of one hank of yarn. Berroco Macro

The recommended needle size for Macro is a US size 17. I knit my swatch on a US size 15 needle, as my gauge is usually a bit looser. This swatch took me about 10 minutes to knit, tops. The fabric is soft to the touch and would yield a very cozy finished piece. The acrylic content helps to hold the yarn together while keeping it soft—typically, plies and twist give yarn its strength, so a single-spun yarn needs a little extra stability. A plant-based fiber would also lend stability but could sacrifice some of the softness, depending on the fiber. IMG_3165

As you can see, Macro takes up a lot of space! I got about 8 stitches into 5 inches in this swatch—other times I’ve used this yarn, I got an average gauge of 2 stitches to the inch. This means you get a lot of oomph without a lot of stitches.IMG_3166

And oomph is what we deliver in Booklet 378 Berroco Macro. The six accessories in this collection are quick to knit and have a very urban-style appeal, while remaining supremely wearable in any location. Dai is a two-color scarf knit lengthwise; Macro comes in seventeen awesome colors, so the color combinations for this scarf are endless. Keiko is another two-color scarf, but is knit widthwise, and features varying-width stripes of each color. Hana is a triangular scarf worked end-to-end with two hanks of Macro.

Dai scarf knitting pattern in Berroco Macro Keiko scarf knitting pattern in Berroco MacroHana shawl knitting pattern in Berroco Macro

Rini is a capelet made with two hanks of Macro, with an exaggerated rib stitch pattern. Miyo is a hat that’s knit in a simple rib from one hank of Macro. And Ima uses another rib-stitch pattern to work an easy cowl that’s knit in the round.

Rini capelet knitting pattern in Berroco Macro Miyo hat knitting pattern in Berroco MacroIma cowl knitting pattern in Berroco Macro

This week’s KnitBits newsletter included a link to a free knitting pattern in Berroco Macro—be sure to read the newsletter and get your copy of Zoya!


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