Get to Know Berroco North Star

In addition to our six new yarns for fall, we have two pattern collections that feature Berroco yarns with new colors. Our Booklet 381 Cozy is one of those collections—six patterns worked in new shades of Berroco North Star® and Berroco Gusto®. Today we’re looking at Berroco North Star, an alpaca-nylon blend yarn.

North Star is a super fluffy yarn available in 12 shades, from timeless neutrals to sophisticated colors. As with all alpaca fibers, the dye seeps into the fibers differently, creating a slightly heathered effect in all dyed shades. Made of 92% alpaca and 8% nylon in a chainette construction, North Star is a lofty, chunky yarn that knits up quickly on the recommended US size 10½. I used a US size 9 needle to knit my swatch. My fabric came out a little tighter than I’d like if I was using North Star to knit a garment, but it came out kind of perfectly for the fabric I’d want for a couple of the projects in Cozy booklet.


For example, the fabric in my swatch would be great for the Pavo Pillow from Booklet 381 Cozy—dense enough to be supportive in a pillow form, but still soft and supple enough to be comfortable.
Pavo Pillow knit in Berroco North Star

If I were to knit one of the two blanket knitting patterns in Berroco North Star, I’d probably want to go up a needle size or two, to achieve a more drapey fabric. Thimbleberry is the perfect companion to Pavo, as they use the same easy lace stitch pattern.

Thimbleberry Throw knit in Berroco North Star

Pyxis is a dramatically large pi shawl that’s made to blanket size by the larger needles and yarn. Garter stitch knit in the round is finished with an easy lace edging.

Pyxis Blanket knit in Berroco North Star

Have you knit with Berroco North Star? What kind of projects have you made with this yarn? Let us know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Get to Know Berroco North Star

  1. I love the yarn but am having great difficulty obtaining gauge as I work on the Sheltered pattern. I’ve already gone up 2 needle sizes. any suggestions?

    1. Hi Terry!

      Due to its construction, North Star is a super stretchy yarn—getting gauge can be a little tricky and it’s not unusual for people to have to go up multiple needle sizes to get the correct gauge. Sheltered is the kind of pattern where if your gauge is close, you should be fine—if you’re off by one or two stitches, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you have additional questions on working with North Star, please email patternsupport@berroco.com so we can provide more help!

      1. I am size 15 needles and I am closer to gauge. Does the yarn have some forgiveness with blocking?

      2. Hi Terry,

        I think the yarn does have some forgiveness with blocking, but the best way to determine is to wash your swatch and block it as you would the final piece.

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