Knitting with Berroco Fuji

This week, I’m taking a look at Berroco Fuji™, a lightweight cotton, silk, and synthetic blend yarn that has a worsted weight gauge. Fuji is great for a variety of projects in both knitting and crochet patterns. Read on for more about this cool yarn!

Fuji is a blend of 38% silk, 25% cotton, 22% rayon, and 15% nylon, worked into a chain construction. Much like Espresso, which I talked about last week, Fuji features an outer knitted-tube layer and an interior single-spun core thread. The outer layer is dyed a little bit darker and more saturated than the single core, which gives Fuji a tweedy or heathered effect when it’s worked up. For my swatch, I used the recommended needles—US size 7 (4.5 mm)—though for me, I would probably use a US 6 (4 mm), because I do tend to knit a bit loosely and would like to fill in some more of that fabric. This is why swatching is key! IMG_2020

Here you can see a bit more of the color effect that happens because of the different dye saturation of the two layers. IMG_2021

Fuji comes in 15 fantastic colors—I used Poppy for my swatch, but I also find myself drawn to Orchid, Saffron, and Stormcloud. Fuji is great for bold colorwork projects, as you can see with Agave, Heliotrope, and Dahlia

Agave knitting pattern in Berroco FujiHeliotrope knitting pattern in Berroco FujiDahlia knitting pattern in Berroco Fuji


What have you knit with Berroco Fuji? Let us know in the comments!


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