Berroco Maya: the Perfect Alpaca and Pima Cotton Yarn

I blogged about Berroco Mixer® last week, which was featured in KnitBits #652 alongside Berroco Maya®. So this week I’m giving some attention to Berroco Maya, which we think is the perfect blend of alpaca and Pima cotton in a worsted weight yarn. Let’s take a look at Maya!

IMG_1415I knit my swatch in Berroco Maya color 5644 Galupa and I’m kind of in love with it. The chainette construction of the yarn makes it soft and drapey, which you would have from the alpaca anyway. Like other Pima cotton yarns, Maya has a subtle sheen. I worked my swatch on US size 8 needles in linen stitch. Knitting with this yarn was incredibly pleasant—the yarn slides nicely through the fingers with no snagging on the needle tips (something that can sometimes happen with chainette yarns) and the resulting fabric is light, drapey, and really making me wish I had extra arms so I could knit a bunch of summer-time sweaters with this yarn.

IMG_1418For those of you wondering how Berroco Maya works up in a variety of patterns, we have more than thirty-five patterns designed for this yarn, including the four pictured below: Mallow, a free cardigan knitting pattern with a bold lace statement on the back; Morrenci, from Booklet #373, is a cardigan pattern that combines lace and garter stitch; Anhinga 2, this week’s free sweater knitting pattern; and Gwendoline, another cardigan pattern using a feather-and-fan stitch pattern in an oversized shape.


Have you knit with this lovely yarn yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Berroco Maya: the Perfect Alpaca and Pima Cotton Yarn

  1. I’m currently knitting a peplum top (Bragita) with this lovely yarn in the papaya colorway. Absolutely love it and can’t wait to finish my sweater this week.

    1. Maya is really soft! The chainette construction gives it good body. We have one hat pattern, Phacelia—http://berroco.com/patterns/phacelia

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