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Emily Explains: My yarn broke and there is a hole in my knitting… help!

The other day I noticed a small hole in my handknit sweater. Alas, my yarn had worn down to almost nothing and snapped! I was lucky because I had an extra skein of the yarn that I made the sweater with. Using the duplicate stitch I wove a new piece of yarn into the row where the yarn broke in my sweater. I traced the stitches in the row, leading up to the hole and forming a new stitch with my thread and needle.

To demonstrate, I made a small swatch, cut a hole just like the hole in my sweater and used a contrasting yarn to fix it.

Of course, I hope that none of you come across a hole in your beloved sweaters, but just in case, you can follow along with this how-to video to fix the hole in no time.

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For a refresher on the duplicate stitch, watch the how-to video below!

5 thoughts on “Emily Explains: My yarn broke and there is a hole in my knitting… help!

  1. thank you so much for this!!! Just finished a long scarf, and was weaving in lose ends and discovered a hole! I was sooooooo upset! now I can fix that sucker!!

  2. Thank you so much for this. I am knitting some socks for my son, and my yarn broke on a stitch. Your process worked like a charm!

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