Emily Explains: How do I seam the Ultra Alpaca MKAL blanket?

Last week, I got to seam the the squares from our Ultra Alpaca MKAL and finally see our finished blanket. It was so exciting! But before I joined any of the squares we had to agree on a layout.

Looking at all the pieces spread out on the ground, there were so many possibilities. When Amy and I came upon the configuration that we liked, we took a picture, piled up our squares and I sat down at a big table to begin the slow and steady process of seaming. We chose to seam our blanket working a single crochet into the two squares to join them (technique shown below), but ultimately you could choose another seaming technique that you are most comfortable with.

I first I made five strips by seaming 4 blocks together. This seaming is shown in pink.


Then, I took each strip and seamed it with the next. This is shown in orange. I found it helpful to pin the corners of each square together to keep everything balanced and lined up as I crocheted. After joining all the strips together, I worked one round of single crochets around the entire blanket as a border, wove in my ends and tada… our knit blanket inspired by Gee’s Bend was complete!


I hope this helps as you’re completing (or beginning) your blanket!

Happy Making,


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