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Amy’s Thread: Willow Giveaway

Spring has sprung and the season for quick change layers is here. A cozy sweater in the morning that can double as a jacket when the sun goes down is perfect for the mercurial weather of May in New England.

Willow, designed by Cecily Glowick MacDonald in Berroco’s Peruvia Quick, would be my choice for a cozy spring sweater. Here’s the description from Ravelry:

Willow is a cozy spring jacket or cardigan with a simple, allover broken rib pattern, and a pretty (and easy) cable and lace panel up the back. The yarn is soft and wooly, lovely to knit with, and the bulky gauge makes for a very quick knit! The body is worked from the bottom up. The stitches for the sleeves are picked up and worked down in the round. The only seaming is at the shoulders, the back of the collar and the patch pockets.

And the pockets, how perfect!


We’re so charmed by this cardigan that we’re teaming up with Cecily for an exciting giveaway! One lucky knitter will receive a PDF copy of the pattern along with enough Peruvia Quick (in the color of their choice) to knit a Willow of their own.

ENTER: Leave a comment telling us your favorite shade of Peruvia Quick (view shade card here).

DETAILS: Must be 18 years or older and a resident of the U.S. or Canada to be eligible for the prize. Comments must be posted by  11:59 PM EST on Sunday, May 10, 2015. One winner will be chosen at random and announced on the blog next Monday, May 11.

160 thoughts on “Amy’s Thread: Willow Giveaway

  1. Great pattern, great-looking yarn and a wonderful giveaway! I think the Palomino Blue would be a great color for that sweater–and it is a bit of a departure from what is already in my closet, which s always good!

  2. I’m voting for the Blue Nile. Nice steel blue with just a hint of mulberry it looks like. LOVE it

  3. What a great sweater! How did I miss this pattern in my queue?? Definitely in Rio. Would be so comfy and universal in my wardrobe. Visions of a new sweater are dancing in my mind. 🙂

  4. This was almost an impossible task. I love several of the colors, such as bing cherry, dragon and rio. I think that’s the color I would go with first, the rio.

  5. So many beautiful colors, choosing one is not an easy task; but I think I’d go with Sea Turtle for this pattern.

  6. The colors are lovely. It was hard to choose. I would probably use Noche, if it looks like tweedy, faded blue jeans, as it does on my screen. The sweater looks like it would knit up quickly. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Oats would be great for a Spring sweater. Also like Niebla, but I have lots of grey already.

  8. What a cozy cardigan! I love the Sea Turtle colorway, but I might choose gris marengo to make this sweater because I need to replace a much-loved, worn-through gray cardigan.

  9. I think if I were to win I’d like to make my Willow in Rio. Sounds exotic, doesn’t it?

  10. Aquamarina would be the color I’d love to make the sweater, it’s my favorite color. It would be beautiful.

  11. While I love the Blue Nile and the images that brings to mind, I think this beautiful sweater would also look scrumptious in the Palomino Blue. It may mean knitting up more than one…

  12. Azul Violeta…amazing colour! How i would love a sweater made out of this!

  13. I think Noche would be lovely in Willow in my closet. Yet, it was very hard to choose! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  14. This is such a pretty design. I think I’d live in it, in Palomino Blue! 😀

  15. My eye was immediately drawn to Aquamarina, but then the Noche distracted me, and then I saw the Blue Nile. It’s hard to choose just one color.

  16. It’s so difficult to pick one color! Today I would choose saddle brown. Tomorrow it could be something totally different! LOL!

  17. I love Aquamarina. It makes me think of ocean beaches on a cool and slightly breezy day.

  18. Lupine! I’ve always loved Peruvian, but haven’t yet tried Peruvian Quick, and would love to, beautiful pattern.

  19. I just love the Broken Rib stitch with the pretty lace panel up the back!!! Perfect quick summer jacket in Boysenberry. I’d prefer Cherry but almost everything I own for summer is hot pink or purple so I’m stuck with Boysenberry!!! LOL I’m not sure I can wait, I may have to get that pattern & start knitting tomorrow.

  20. For this sweater, Oats would be a lovely neutral color choice. Second fave would be Sea Turtle, because you can never have too much green.

  21. I love all the colors! But I think it would be amazingly fun to have a big cozy sweater in Maize.:)

  22. All the colors are so beautiful, but one of my favorites is Azul Violeta

  23. My favorite is Palomino Blue I would love to have this sweater in that color!

  24. I’m wearing two gray sweaters at the moment (in sunny California)–so Bing Cherry!

  25. I love the Dragon color – as I’ve cross stitched a few dragon pictures and have dragon ornaments, this name calls to me.

  26. Yummy Niebla would make a perfect summer / spring sweater and would show off the stitch pattern quite well!

  27. What a gorgeous pattern! I love this yarn. There are so many wonderful colors, but I think that Caramelo would be beautiful in this sweater.

  28. Choose a favorite? You must be kidding! But because I’m lunching in a Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo, and I’m sensing a trend, I must choose Azul Violeta.

  29. What beautiful colors but I think I am gravitating towards the Blue Nile colorway.

  30. My favorite shade is Noche. A nice go anywhere color in the jean dominated world.

  31. Bing Cherry would be my favorite – love that pattern – here’s hoping

  32. Love this pattern! Love so many of the colors, but I think I’d put Noche as my #1.

  33. The colors are all so beautiful it is hard to choose. BUT maize just gives me a cheerful uplift!

  34. So hard to choose — the colors are wonderful! I think I’d have to go with Rio (but might change my mind to Azul Violetta or Aquamarina).

  35. Dragon seems so unique! Picking one is tough but I don’t have anything like Dragon, so that will be my first Peruvian love! ☺️

  36. What a fabulous sweater!, love the knit stitch combinations! So utterly comfy looking.
    I would love to have the time to make one in every colour!! although Dragon is whispering sweet nothings to me.

  37. Wow, lots of fabulous colors from which to choose, but Blue Nile is attracting my attention. Thank you for this opportunity!

  38. I like Oats the best. It would go with everything. Love the pattern. So perfect for a sweater/jacket.

  39. Oh, it’s so hard to choose one color! I think Noche would be very versatile, however.

  40. All the colors are gorgeous, it’s so hard to pick I’d take absolutely any one of them, and I love love love the pattern for this cardigan/jacket! My eyes fall to the Palomino though, love the color, love the name, love the horse! Thanks.

  41. Great sweater pattern and too many lovely colors from which to choose. It has to be Lupine for me.

  42. Love the Lupine!!!! But I also love Caliente – too many beautiful ones to choose from.

  43. Azul Violeta definitely! I turned 68 this year and I am redoing my wardrobe and my style to reflect the goddess that lives inside me the woman of wisdom and caring and caring and sharing and so with my silver white hair this color would be wonderful!

  44. I love the Gris Marengo beautiful gray….to late for giveaway but how do we get the pattern?

    1. Click on the name of the sweater in the post above to go directly to the pattern page on Ravelry where it is available as a PDF download.

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