Emily Explains: Pom-Pom Bunnies

There are lots of legends and myths associated with the Easter Bunny. Some people believe this symbol is connected to Eostre, the goddess of fertility – and a possible inspiration for this holiday’s name – who is said to have been accompanied by a hare. German settlers are credited with spreading the modern tradition of the bunny delivering colorful eggs and other treats to well-behaved children.

To celebrate spring and the upcoming Easter weekend I made a few pom-pom bunnies for the office!



Want to make your own?


You will need a pom-pom maker, sharp scissors, a darning needle, felt for ears, neutral yarn for the body and a tiny bit of pink yarn for the nose.


Using your pom-pom maker, make 2 pom-poms, one smaller than the other.



Using your darning needle sew the smaller pom-pom to the top of the larger pom-pom.


Cut felt ears to match your bunny and sew them to the head.



Finish by sewing a little bit of pink yarn in the center of the head for a soft rabbit nose.


Bunny made with Andean Mist


Bunny made with Blackstone Tweed


Bunny made with Cirrus


Happy Making and Spring!

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