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Amy’s Thread: Mai Tai Winner

Thanks so much to everyone who entered our Mai Tai Giveaway! The winner is…


She said:

“To beat the winter blahs I take time to enjoy the small signs of spring on my outdoor runs, like slushy puddles instead of icy patches on the sidewalks, and being able to run with just my winter running pants and not the long underwear underneath! I would love a bright pink cowl to wear as I welcome spring!”

Good advice!  It was so much fun reading how everyone copes with the end of a long winter (and if you’re in need of more ideas scroll through the comments here and I’m sure you’ll be inspired).

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2 thoughts on “Amy’s Thread: Mai Tai Winner

  1. Thanks so much for the chance to join in the contest, I’m thrilled to have my comment chosen! It’s still snowy here but spring will surely come soon. I can’t wait to knit the cowl in Grapefruit Pink!

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