Emily Explains: Emily Ocker’s Cast On

I got a great question on Ravelry this week. A knitter asked how to start Cecelia, the big circular blanket from booklet #357 Berroco Comfort for Baby. As written, the pattern calls for you to cast on 10 sts and divide them onto 3 needles to begin working in the round. This cast on will leave a hole in the center of the pattern that you can go sew up later with your yarn tail.


For those of you who haven’t cast on yet, there is another great way to begin this blanket! Emily Ocker’s Cast On is a handy technique that I picked up from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Workshop. You simply use a crochet hook to cast on the desired number of stitches and later close the hole by pulling on the tail. It is so easy and beautiful – it’s like magic!

Watch my how-to video to see how it’s done!

I hope this new technique helps you with Cecelia and future projects!

Happy Making!


ps…your little one is going to love it : )



    1. Hi Pat!

      There are links in the blog post to both the individual Cecelia pattern PDF and the Berroco Comfort for Baby booklet PDF (in case you’d like to see what else is in that book). Hope this helps!

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