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Colorful Hats Giveaway

It’s hard to believe that Knit and Crochet Now! is already starting its sixth season! That means 13 new episodes featuring more than 40 patterns – not to mention, new techniques and tips from host Brett Bara, designers Ellen Gormley, Robyn Chachula and Kristin Nicholas, as well as a few special guests.






We’re particularly excited to see more designs made with Berroco yarn this season! In episode 2, Colorful Hats, Robyn Chachula discusses her African Flower Slouch. The crochet hat is made up of motifs using three colors of Vintage DK.

African Flower Slouch by Robyn Chachula
African Flower Slouch by Robyn Chachula

There’s something for the knitters, too! Kristin’s Hat is an easy knit using three shades of Berroco Comfort for two different colorwork patterns.

Kristin's Hat by KCN design team
Kristin’s Hat by KCN design team

Want to make one of these colorful hats for yourself? Both patterns are free on the show’s website. You can also enter our giveaway to win yarn for the hat of your choice!

Colorful Hats Giveaway

How to Enter

Tell us (in the comments section below) which hat you’d like to make and what three shades of the recommended yarn you’d use.


Must be 18 years or older and a resident of the U.S. or Canada to be eligible for a prize. Comments will be accepted through 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, January 27. One winner will be chosen at random for each prize and announced on the blog next Wednesday, January 28.


Don’t forget to check your local listings for the new season of Knit and Crochet Now! You can also purchase individual episodes online.

415 thoughts on “Colorful Hats Giveaway

  1. i would like to make the African Flower Slouch hat in colors light purple, dark purple, and white

  2. I would love to knit Kristin’s Hat in the following colors: Orchid #9778, Purple #9722 and Aster #9737. Thanks!

  3. I would love to make the African Flower Slouch in Ruby, Mushroom, and Douglas Fir! 🙂

  4. I would love to do Kristen’s Hat in the following colors: Multi Brights 2813, Crytpo Crystalline 2758 & Primary Blue 2736. Thank you!

  5. I would make the African Violet Slouch hat with Blue Moon, Sky Blue and Misty, which match the colors of my new coat!

  6. I would love to make a more springlike crochet violet motif hat using buttercream, fennel and channa dal. I think that would be great transition hat, spring is just around the corner!

  7. I would love to make the African Slouch Hat in Sky Blue, Mochi, and Dark Denim because I’m always a Carolina Tarheel!

  8. Would love to make the aficcan flower with the colors whit, lavander, and black. but really I would make a lot with different colors and add them to my charity hat stach.

  9. i would make the african flowers slouch (an absolutely stunning pattern) in douglas fir, pumpkin and sloe berry.. Stunning! Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. I would like to try Kristins Hat in buttercream, minty, and forget-me-not. I usually stay away from pastels but those colours are gorgeous!

  11. Knit and Crochet Now is my absolute FAVORITE show! I’ve watched EVERY episode (since the beginning of Knit and Crochet Today).. I record the show EVERY Tues and Thurs morning at 5:00 AM (CST) and I watch them over and over and over. I would love to make EITHER or BOTH of these hats!! I would choose soft pink, soft lavender, and soft gray. I love those colors together, and would be SO EXCITED to win free yarn from Vintage DK or Berroco, regardless, I want to Thank you so much for continuing to create this show, I LOVE IT!!!
    Faithful Watcher (and Member)
    Mrs. Deena Ewertt

  12. Kristen’s Hat using Driftwood Heather, Hummus, and Salmonberry Heather. Kind of drooling over the Salmonberry Heather.

  13. I would love to knit the African Flower Slouch. I would use Lidfors, Orchid and Holly in this order from the center out.

  14. African Flower Slouch – I’ve made toys with the African flowers and it’s a fun motif to work with. I make a lot of hats for Halos for Hope and this would be a great design for that. Colors? There’s so many options that would look good but I think I’d start with: Spring Green, Blue Note and Snow Day

  15. I love the African Flower Hat and love the colors in the pic posted … #2101 mochi, #2183 lilacs and #2187 dungaree. It is what first drew me to the pattern. But I tried out the motif with some yarn laying around and it is super easy and fun to do. Now I just need to get some Berroco! I’ve already had several requests from friends to make this hat for them. 🙂

  16. Beetroot, thimbleberry and Robins egg blue I think for the African flower. But I do love the purple one too. Too many choices!

  17. I would love to make the African slouch hat. I like the mochi, lilacs and dungarees. I love yarns in all colors and shades. Very beautiful.

  18. Both hats. I have a thing for hats. Kristen’s hat in a Dusk with blue angel and white as accents. Robyn’s hat in the purples as shown, because they are just perfect as it is.

  19. Berroco in Dewberry, blush and snowday!
    So Cute. I have just started and would love to make this! I just finished a scarf in this color!

  20. I would make the African Flower hat because it reminds me of the spring that is to come and that alone would get me through this very cold winter. It would be like sunshine on my head. That beautiful warm feeling. I would even let people know what it means to me so that I can share the feeling.

  21. I would love to make the African flower slouch hat in any colors, I love vintage Dk and comfort yarns.

  22. I’m a crocheter and I’d love to do the hat in black, white and gray so that it will match everything I wear 🙂

  23. I would make the african flower hat in teal and chocolate and a light shade of pink or white!

  24. I’m a crocheter, so I’d love to make her African Flower Slouch. They look like daisies to me, which are my favorite flowers. I’d do yellow and white for the flowers and green for the rest. Spring, grass, flower leaves.

  25. I would like to make the African Flower hat and in the shades of Smoke, Cracked Pepper and Fondant.

  26. I would love to try and make both hats. They are both beautiful in its own way. I would love to make the hats nd scarfs for cancer patients. I know that they would love it and be greatful for them. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  27. African Flowers hat. I’m a crocheter. Daisies are my favorite flowers and those flowers remind me of daisies. I’d use Mushroom and Chana Dal for the flowers and then Fennel for the rest. Need to have spring with daisies.

  28. Seeding, lagoon, and chalk, for the African flower slouch. They were my wedding colors! They always make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  29. Kristin’s Hat – love it.
    Elderberry Heather, Pimpernel and Lidfors are the colours I would choose.

  30. I would love to make the African flower hat!!! I would use they’re colors mochi, Neptune and eldeberry!

  31. I would love to knit Kristin’s Hat in the following colors: Orchid #9778, Purple #9722 and Aster #9737. Thanks!

  32. The crochet hat is my fav. I’d do it in yellow white and green for a daisy flower look because just because it’s cold you don’t have to wear dark colors

  33. I would like to make the crochet hat in bright blues from dark to light.
    I am interested in learning the African Flower Stitch.

    Deborah Wheeler.

  34. I would like the following colors as I learn to crochet the African Flower Slouch hat: Tide Pool, Cerulean, and Misty.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Deborah Wheeler

  35. I would crochet my hat out of our local college colors. Red, white, an a touch of blue. Would be a great show of support for our college

  36. I would make the African Flower Slouch hat in Buttercream for the flower center, Neptune for the petals and Chana Dal for the rest of the hat.

  37. I would like to make the passion flower hat using Berrocco vintage colors – elderberry, mochi and cracked pepper.

  38. African Slouch hat. Flower petals in Ruby, flower border and center in Sloe Berry, band and hexagon borders in Douglas Fir.

  39. I love the aferican one the most. I’d use a pink purple & dark blue. Ty for entering me. I’d love to win

  40. Both hats are beautiful, but I would make the African Flower Slouch with Misty, Breeze Way and Cerulean.

  41. The African Flowers slouchy … with Licorice…..Smoke Stack….and Finnians Rainbow….I enjoy wathing knit and crochet now on the television…and watching the reruns as many times as I need to on the computer…….the computer has enhanced the way in which knitting and crocheting are learnt today……so much fun ….

  42. Green, white and pink! I would also buy yellow for the flower centers! The hat would be the African Flower Slouch! Hope I win! !!!

  43. I like them all from what I see on the screen. I live in a small town so different yarns are scarce and I have been disappointed in some yarns I have bought online. I think I would do
    fugi, weekender and karma. It would be wonderful to see a new yarn, well new to me.

  44. I’d make the crochet one and I’d use Fuchsia (21176), Elderberry (2159) and Snow Day (2100).

  45. I would make hte African Flowers one, and I’d use Fuchsia (21176), Elderberry (2159) and Snow Day (2100).

  46. I thought I preferred to knit, but the African Flower Slouch hat is calling my name. I would like to make it in Smoke, Holly, and Delphinium. Such beautiful yarn!

  47. I think the colors show in the blue purple and white are absolutely fantastic in that is t in the blue purple and white are absolutely fantastic and those are the colors I would totally use to make this hat

  48. I like the knitted hat. I’d make it light grey with black and purple to coordinate with my coat.

  49. I love the African Flower Slouch Hat. My colors would be the ones you have it shown in. Purple is my favorite color.

  50. The african flower hat would be lovely in Elderberry #2159, Delphinium #2155, and Blush #2123. I’d love to make one!

  51. The African Flower. Love the colors used for this sample. It will look great at a Kansas State game. You can’t go wrong with Purple & white.

  52. I would knit Kristin’s Hat in boysenberry heather and gooseberry heather and mixes nuts. Thank you

  53. I absolutely love the African Flower Slouch and this would be my choice to make in the Berroco Vintage DK colors of Holly, Mushroom, and Dungaree.

  54. The yarn colours are so vibrant! I would make a snowflake hat in the Elsa Blue and crisp white yarn!!

  55. Oops! I chose Comfort yarn instead of Vintage for this so disregard this post. I did a new post with the right yarn for the pattern!

  56. I really don’t want to make a choice as I love both these hats and the colors are in my favorite’s already. Suppose if I had to decide differently then these colors it would be shades of lavenders, and while I like them equally, the winner would be the African Crocheted one. darn…decisions, decisions, decisions!!!
    thanks for the opportunity.

  57. I would make the knitted version in colors Spanish Brown, Spice, and Driftwood Heather….very pretty!

  58. I love making hats and want to learn to make the African motif. A slouch hat is perfect. I would make the hat in envy and the motif in blush with fondant. Sounds delicious!

  59. I would like to make the knitted hat. I Love working with Berroco Comfort! Such a beautiful soft yarn! I would choose the color seedling 9740 for my main color, using purple 9722 and Colbalt 9774 for the two contrasting colors! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  60. I would do Kristin’s hat because I love the simple colorway and this style hat. My colors would have to be my favorite light and dark turquoise/teal and olive green.

  61. I prefer the knitted hat, because I think that knitted bands expand and contract better. I’d like to see the hat in shades of green to match my winter coat.

  62. I would like to make Kristin’s hat in elderberry heather, ash gray and thimbleberry heather.

  63. I would make the African Violet Slouchy hat in white yellow and green for my daughter. She loves daisies.

  64. I would make Kristin Hat in the MC Teal, the two CC Aegean Sea, and Rabe, or, for San Valentine in Berry, and the CC Berry Mix, and Rosebud, or, for Mardi Gras, MC Aegean Sea, and CC Purple, and Goldenrod, but what I really love, and will crochet is the motif cowl!

  65. I’m going to try African Slouch in Delphinium, Sloe Berry and Douglas Fir… I hope the low value contrast between the colours will still look good.

  66. The African flower hat definitely! Lve the colors! Love purple! Have made hundreds of hats but haven’t tried these techniques yet.

  67. I really like the African flower pattern, and have made many things from them and would love to make the hat using the colors, cardinal, dark denim and oat <3

  68. I would make the African Flower hat, with Forget Me Not as the flower, Buttercream as the center and edge of the flower, and smoke for the body of the hat. What a beautiful pattern this is!

  69. African Flower Slouch in Lilac, Dephinium and Buttercream. I grew up with a huge open bookcase full of African violets in front of a stationary window. Always thought somehow it made my Mom special because she nurtured those delicate flowers.

  70. I don’t knit well enough for color work, so i would crochet the African flower slouch for my niece in an ash grey base, with lavender frost flowers. I’m torn on the centers, but she would say grape jelly, i bet.

  71. I tried posting a comment last night, not sure if it got posted .. can’t see it now. So. I would love to do the crochet hat, Using Oats, Douglas Fir, and Sloe Berry. Love the green/purple/tan combinations.

  72. I’d love to make Kristin’s hat in the colors Ash Gray (9770), Hackberry Heather (9792), and Purple (9722). Thanks!

  73. I am tempted to do Kristin’s Hat in something like Nosegay Mix, Orchid, and Purple to donate to a group that collects chemo caps, as I think some girl would love it. Or maybe Navy Blue, Primary Red, and Primary Blue for a boy, because the Comfort yarn is perfect for this type of hat. But if it’s for me, definitely the African Flower hat, possibly in Cracked Pepper, Chana Dal, and Mushroom.

  74. I’ve always wanted to try the african flower motif, so I’d do the african flower slouch, in Tide Pool, Lilacs and Delphinium

  75. African Flower Slouch, I love the colours as shown: #2101 mochi, #2183 lilacs and #2187 dungaree

  76. The African Slouch is lovely, preferably in Dewberry, Cracked pepper and Cast iron.
    I love knitting hats, they’re addictive.

  77. I’d love to make Kristen’s Hat in Blueberry Heather, Wild Cherry and Cadet (as the main color).

  78. I would make the African Flower Slouch, crocheting the petals with Ruby, Mochi centers in a field of Oats.

  79. I would like to make Kristin’s Hat in Elderberry Heather, Thimbleberry Heather and Coffeeberry Heather.

  80. I would like to make the African Flower Slouch in a medium blue, grey white and charcoal to match my coat

  81. Hello. I would crochet the African Flower Stitch using Vintage Berroco in the colours: Lilacs, Delphinium and Aster.

  82. Hi. I’m from Winnipeg and in the frozen north we need hats. Since I’m mainly a knitter I would love to make Kristin’s Hat. I’d use Copen Blue for the background, Bitter Sweet for the edge and Driftwood Heather for the second colorwork pattern.

  83. I would like to try my hand at making the crocheted hat. The colors I would like to use are: Cardinal (2151), Petunia (21105), and Mochi (2101).

  84. Beautiful designs! I’d love to make the African Flower Slouch with Envy (2162), Black Currant (2182) and Fondant (2110). Thanks!

  85. I’d like to make Kristin’s hat with Borocco Comfort in Ash Gray, Rosebud, and Ivory. This color combination would look great with all my winter coats.

  86. I would love to knit Kristen’s hat for my daughter in baby blue, to match her eyes, dark blue to accentuate her eyes, and purple to make everything pop & become more playful. Thank you for this opportunity!

  87. I’d make the African Flower hat in delphinium #2155, fennel #2175, and neptune #2197. Great pattern!

  88. I would make the African Flower in Pumpkin, oats and rubyand I would make it also in Cast Iron, cracked pepper and smoke

  89. Kristin’s hat is the one I would like to knit in Raspberry Coulis with Raspberry Sorbet on the brim and Ivory for the colorwork band.

  90. I would love to make African Flower Slouch in the colors shown or Delphinium (2155), Aster (2114), and Snow Day (2100)! I have not tried to make a crochet hat yet. Only knit ones.

  91. I like that the hats compliment the models coloring.

    With my coloring, I would make Kristen’s hat with Snow Day for the crown, Cast Iron for the inset design, and Cardinal around my face.

    Love that rolled edge. I used a rolled edge for a hat I made in the Fall for my grandson – very practical.

  92. I would make Kristen’s hat with Perunia for the crown, Snow Day for the inset design and Juniper for the edge.

  93. Kristin’s Hat is my choice in Mardi Gras colors of Purple 9722, Goldenrod 9743 and Holly 9777. Thanks!

  94. I would cast Kristen’s hat. I would use Dutch teal, rosebud, and ivory. This is a great giveaway! I hope I win. Thanks for the chance!

  95. I would love to make Kristin’s hat in smoke stack as the background color, with licorice for the edge , and primary red for the central design….so cute!

  96. I’d like to make the African Flower Slouch in Charcoal, Smoke, and Snow Day. The colors are similar to my daughter’s school colors and she borrows all my hats any way.

  97. I’d crochet Robyn’s hat in cerulean, cast iron, and smoke. Or…I’d use the colors she chose because they’re gorgeous!

  98. Kristin’s hat in Driftwood Heather as the main color. Ivory for the hat detail pattern and Bittersweet for the brim trim.

  99. I would love to win the yarn for theAfrican Flower Slouch. it calls for Berroco Vintage DK. I woould select the following three colors. Cast Iron, Dewberry, and fondant.

  100. I would crochet the African Flower Slouch in Delphinium, Dewberry and Snow Day, and I would also like to say that Robyn Chachula should really lend her surname to a yarn line because it’s very fun to say. Chachula!

  101. love the African Flower Slouch hat – it’s been ages since I’ve crochetted! For my son’s girlfriend and my daughter – a student and a graduate of Salem State University, Massachusetts – I’d choose Blue Note, Orange and snow White, in a heartbeat! I’d probably knit a lining in a silvery gray – winter can be wicked cold.

  102. I knit and crochet, but my heart belongs to knitting. So I would make Kristin’s hat. I think the colors shown are kind of cool.

  103. I would love to make the African Flower Slouch with the colors Cracked Pepper, Cardinal and Sky Blue.

  104. I’d love to make either hat as I crochet and knit. I’d use the colors purple, orchid, and grape fizz. Lovely designs and so glad for another season of the show!

  105. I would love to make the African Flower Slouch in Minty, Snowday and Buttercream. 🙂

  106. I would love to make Kristin’s hat in Cobalt Blue, Blue Angel, and Asg Grey, I love your colors!

  107. I am knitter first and these patterns make me thankful to the lady who taught me how to crochet because I think the crocheted hat would look darling on my 11 month old daughter! I would love to see it in Gooseberry with the flowers in Pot-Au-Feu with a trim in Chalk. The knitter in me is telling me I should make the knitted hat for my husband in Licorice with a Smokestack trim and the design in either Lagoon (love this hue!) or Sprig. I can’t choose! This yarn is really beautiful and looks fun to knit/crochet with. Thanks for the patterns and good luck to me!

  108. African Flower looks like fun. Sloe Berry as the main, lilacs for the flowers & Mochi around flowers.

  109. I would love to make the African Flower with Sachet Mix being main color, flowers in Grape Jelly, and Ash Grey as the accent color around the flowers. In honor of my son whom passed away in 2012. His favorite colors were deep manly purple with silver/gray together he said they were classy colors together and he is so right.

    1. I’m glad you’re honoring your son dear memory with something creative!
      My heart is with you!!!!!!

  110. I would love to make Kristin’s Hat in Red, Black and Grey. I think that color combo would make a very classy hat!

  111. I would make Kristen’s hat in lavender frost, orchid and turquoise. This would be a great match for my new pink coat.

  112. The African flower slouch in tide pool, Neptune, and mochi. What a pretty design! Thanks for the opportunity!

  113. African Flower Slouch by Robyn Chachula
    Fennel for the background
    Ruby for the flowers
    Mochi for the centers and outlines

  114. I would like to make the Kristin’s knitted hat with the colors of Boysenberry Heather 9793, Berry Mix 9805 and Raspberry Coulis 9717. Thank you for the opportunity to win this. I have 6 grandchildren that I could make these hats for. Already made them scarves.😊

  115. I would love to see the African Flower Slouch made with Chocolate 2179 as the field, Neptune 2197 as the flowers, and Paprika 2157 as the center and outline of the flowers. Stunning!

  116. Call me traditional but I would make the African Flower Slouch in Snow Day 2100, Petunia 21105 and Aster 2114.

  117. I would love to make Kristin’s hat for my daughter who skis. A hat made with smoke stack as the background color and gooseberry heather and spruce as the design colors would show off her beautiful green eyes really well.

  118. I would love to make the African Flower Slouch hat in Charcoal (#2189), Sour Cherry (#2134), and Smoke (#2106). Thanks!

  119. I would love to make the African Flower in Sour Cherry, Cracked Pepper, and Mushroom! Such beautiful choices…it would be hard to go wrong! 🙂

  120. I would make the African Flower in Ash Grey, Pretty Pink and Wild Cherry. The flowers would be Pretty Pink and the edging would be Wild Cherry, because That reminds me of one of the African Violets that my grandmother grew.

  121. I would love to make both hats but would start with the African Flower Slouch hat in Bittersweet ,Buttercup and Filbert

  122. I would choose the African Flower Slouch by Robyn Chachula. I have been following her since I first saw her on Knit and Crochet Today a couple of years ago. I also have a few of her books on crochet. I picked the Raspberry Sorbet for the center and outer part of the flower. For the petals, I picked the Berry Mix and the Dried Plum for the rest of the hat. I have to say that the Berroco Comfort yarn has so many beautiful shades that made it hard to chose, so I went with shades that would match my coat. Thanks for the giveaway.

  123. I would love to make Kristin’s hat! I would use Berroco Comfort in Aster, Orchid & Purple. Thank you!

  124. I would use cracked pepper, blush and fondant to make the African slouch hat… I think that would just look adorable!

  125. I would crochet the African Flower Slouch in Snowday, Fondant and Blush. Soft and girly! Vintage DK is one of my favorite yarns to crochet with.

  126. The African Flower Slouch in ash grey, blue angel and boy blue!!! It just seems to say winter to me! Thank you for hosting this give-away!!!

  127. I would love to try the African Flower pattern in either holly/kingfisher/blue note, cardinal/cast iron/cracked pepper or cerulean/sky blue/spring green. This would be an awesome birthday gift since mine is 28 Jan. 🙂 Pattern looks comfy and it would be great in any color combination.

  128. Yes I would like to make the African Flower since I only crochet. I am a member of the Red Hat Society so I would like it in Holiday red and Amethyst with white or sage as a 3rd color

  129. I would want to try knitting Kristin’s hat with Iron Oxide, Driftwood Heather, and Hackberry Heather. There are so many beautiful colors in that yarn that you could make a dozen hats in different combinations and they would all be beautiful!

  130. I would love to crochet the African flower slouch using yarn in colors Delphinium,Lilacs and Snow Day

  131. Chocolate, Chana Dal, and Paprika (DK Vintage #s 2179, 2192, and 2157) would make the perfect spicy blend for the African Flower Slouch!

  132. I would use cracked pepper, blush and delphinium to make the African slouch hat… I think that would just look adorable!

  133. I would probably make Robyn’s African Flower Slouch hat first. I would use Berroco’s Comfort yarn in Ash Grey (#9770), Agean Sea (#9753), and Primary Yellow (#9732). I adore the African flower motif!

  134. I would make Kristen’s hat in Turquoise, Robins Egg and chalk…I love Tiffany & Co, so I would make my interpretation of how I love Tiffany…

  135. I would make the African Flower Slouch with the following colors Spring Green, Pool Party, and , Blush

  136. I would make the African Flower hat in an olive green with yellow and white flowers. I just think this is one of the prettiest hats I have even seen and as I am trying to improve/learn to crochet it would be an excellent challenge.

  137. I’m a crocheter so I would make the African Flower Slouch hat! I would pick as my colors: Chana Dal, Fennel, and Tide Pool. 🙂

  138. The crochet style is the way I’d go. Lovage, dried plum and pearl – something a little bit off the beaten path!

  139. I’d love to make the African flower slouch hat, using sloe berry as the main hat color, dewberry for the flowers, and smoke as the contrast around the flowers.

  140. I’d love to make the African Flower Slouch in the colors Eldeberry, Fuchsia and Mochi. Thank you!

  141. I would make the crochet hat in Kingfisher, Breezeway and Mochi. The reason I chose this hat is that I knit a lot more than crochet and want to improve my crocheting. I have access to all episodes, so if I win I’ll watch this episode again.

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