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Designer Spotlight: Kvitt by Talitha Kuomi

Talitha Kuomi’s path to knitwear design was winding, and it involved a number of odd jobs. From forklift operator to bridal seamstress, Talitha says she was happy to do whatever fit at a particular point in her life. And the skills she picked up along the way are part of the reason her current work is such a good fit.

Kvitt is a colorblocked messenger bag that Talitha designed in our Vintage Chunky yarn. She wanted a “throw on your shoulder as you run out the door kind of bag” but at the same time, wanted it to be special. That’s how she came up with the idea to use the front flap to showcase a beloved Leslie Wind shawl pin. She framed it in her design with a contrasting square of intarsia colorwork. The bag has a knit in lining and a double thick strap for durability.

Kvitt by Talitha Kuomi
Kvitt by Talitha Kuomi

Did you make this for anyone in particular?

I’d love to say that I made it for some relative or friend who loves it. The truth is, though, I made it for me and I’m the one loving it.

Any interesting stories about your process?

I originally had wanted to have the focal point on the front of the bag be duplicate stitch in another contrasting color. I charted lots of squiggly ideas that mimicked the streets in different places  that I’d lived. That was so personal to me, but I knew it wouldn’t mean much to another knitter – to be stitching a design that mimicked the neighborhood roads of my childhood. In the end, having the intarsia block to ‘frame’ a pin or showpiece that could be something meaningful to each individual knitter made more sense.

How did you decide on the yarn?

I had used Berroco Vintage Chunky for my upsized version of the Asa sweater from Petite Purls. It knits well and wears well. I liked it so much I wanted it the same for this bag, too.

What’s your favorite project you’ve ever made? Why?

My favorite project ever, both to make and to have, is the Crocheted Felt Basket. Mine is a little more than 5 years old now and it’s indestructible. Currently, it’s full of Fisher Price toys, but when my youngest was a toddler, my older kids used to pull him around in it by the handles. This basket holds memories of so much fun and laughter for me.

Kvitt by Talitha Kuomi
Kvitt by Talitha Kuomi

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