Emily Explains: How To Make Holiday Trees!

December has flown by with work, friends and creative projects. I love the holidays so much, but this year I haven’t had the time to decorate my home. I didn’t even get around to finding the perfect tree until late last night. I got home from a long day of work and holiday worries and knew a Christmas tree was just the thing to lift my spirits. My boyfriend and I brought it home and decorated it. Our tree is perfect, smelling of fresh pine and sparkling with colorful, twinkling lights.


The girls in the design office and I believe you can never have enough trees at the holiday time so today I found myself sitting at my desk perfecting how to make miniature trees.



They are so easy to make!

First I used a pom-pom maker to create a medium sized pom-pom. Not sure how-to make a pom-pom? See how here.



Then I trim my pom-pom in the shape of a cone.



Cut the bottom part of the pom-pom flat to create the base of your tree.



Then cut at an angle towards the top middle. Slowly turn your pom-pom while cutting so you form a cone shape. Your pom-pom will be wider at the bottom than at the top.



When your done trimming your pom-pom you will have a little tree. Perfect for a place setting or a little gift during the holidays.



I tried 5 different yarn combinations for my pom-pom trees…

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 3.26.57 PM


1. Cirrus #2533 and Abode #8884

2. Blackstone Tweed #2676 and Ultra Alpaca #62173

3. Folio # 4554

4. Ultra Alpaca #6277 and #6273

5. Vintage #5175

Have fun decorating with your little trees! I think I’ll use mine as place settings for the holidays.

Happy Making,





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