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Amy’s Thread: Last Minute Gifts for Knitters

It’s coming down to crunch time for the gift giving season. Not sure what to give to the knitters in your life? Or maybe you need to send some ideas to the loved ones who are desperate to find something to give you? This week I’ve rounded up a wish-list of perfectly practical gifts for the knitters we love.

1. Knitting bags – I’ve never known a knitter who could resist a good project bag or notions pouch, and no matter how many I have, I’m always happy to have more. Fringe Supply Company has a variety of beautiful and useful project bags at a range of price points. Another favorite are the totes  and pouches from Out Of Print Books. These bags are well made and sturdy, and they are available online as well as from your local independent bookshop.

From the Fringe Supply Co.


2. Sketchbooks – Especially graph paper sketchbooks, are an indispensable tool in my knitting bag. I use them for keeping track of design ideas, for pattern changes and for on the fly knitwear design. Moleskin makes a variety of lovely notebooks in all shapes and sizes. I particularly like the Rhodia grid notebooks with cheerful bright orange covers and good heavy paper for sketching on. For the designing knitter, the Fashionary notebooks are amazing. These have lovely paper preprinted with croquis for design sketches – I’ve shared one of my own sketches below – and a section of front matter with useful information for any designer.

Croquis sketch
More about the design pictured here in 2015!


3. Tape measures – I must have hundreds, yet I can never find one. Your local yarn shop is sure to have some lovely, gift-worthy tape measures and other good knitting notions and tools. You can use the Store Locator on to find an LYS near you. Another place I have found great tape measures is at the toy store. My son’s favorite toy store sells these elephant tape measures for a dollar.

tape measure


4. Headlamps – They’re available at your local hardware store, at outdoor gear shops and just about any ‘big box’ store has them in the flashlight section. This is the best knitting gift my husband has given me. I don’t think he knew it was a knitting tool, but now there is always one in my knitting bag. I wear mine draped around my neck so I can see my project in a dimly lit living room or for long car rides. They come in handy for camping or power outages, too.

Norah knitting durring a snowstorm in NH.


5. Yarn – Of course! A quick project is a great gift. A skein (or two or three) and a pattern book is a lovely idea. My gift pick from the Fall/Winter #14 season would be booklet #347 Berroco Andean Mist with the yarn to knit Wallis or Woolner. There are also some fun knits in booklet #348 Berroco Cosma and the yarn is as divine in the hank as it is on the needles.cosma_lg

You can find even more ideas on our Pinterest page:

Have any suggestions (or wish lists) of your own? Please share in the comments below.


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