Ashley’s Adventures in Knitting: Discom-bobble-ated

I came across Lorraine Pistorio’s Knit Colors “Count”-erpillar pattern last December and I knew I had to make it for my niece’s first birthday. She was only a month old, so I had plenty of time.

Knit Colors "Count"-erpillar by Lorraine Pistorio
Knit Colors “Count”-erpillar by Lorraine Pistorio


Of course, I didn’t cast on for my counterpillar until October 28 of this year.

That gave me exactly 11 days (only one weekend) to work on it before the party – barely enough time for knitting, not to mention experimentation. But I knew bobbles would be safer than beads, so I went for it. I started with the third ring, because I was working with Vintage yarn from my stash and that was one of the few colors that was already wound.

Not loving the off-center bobble placement.
Not loving the off-center bobble placement.

After knitting, seaming and stuffing the first ring, I realized that would I prefer the bobbles in the center and numbers on the side. Thankfully, I didn’t rip it out. I kept knitting other rings, and a few days later I came up with a much quicker fix.

I made new bobbles with a crochet hook and duplicate stitched the originals into submission. It isn’t the best looking knitting I’ve ever done, but for something that’s most likely going to be drooled on, who cares?

My advice…if you find yourself similarly discombobulated and strapped for time, think before you rip! There might be a better solution.

What are your favorite quick fixes?


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