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Emily Explains: Casting on for Grace

Grace, a lovely mitten pattern in our new fall yarn, Berroco Mojo, is oh so simple to knit…with one small quirk. You cast on from the top of the mitten and work down! I don’t know about you, but I have never done such a thing. It’s called a Turkish cast on and Amy just taught me how to do this morning, so I promise you can pick it up quickly! 

This technique calls for three double pointed needles. You place the yarn in between two of your needles and wrap the yarn around both 6 times. The wrap will form six stitches on one needle and six stitches on the other for a total of twelve stitches.

Follow along as I demonstrate!

Now what are you waiting for! Pick up some Mojo and cast on for your new pair of mittens.

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7 thoughts on “Emily Explains: Casting on for Grace

  1. Wow, that is so easy! Thank you so much for the video. I ‘ve always wondered how that worked. What I am not sure of in this video is that it looks like it is just a flat piece of fabric being worked from both sides. How does it get “connected” to do the work in the round?

    1. Great question! According to your pattern you will begin your increases and then distribute your stitches over more double pointed needles. You will be working in the round and all of your stitches will be connected.

    1. That’s great you are just learning! Making is wonderful and no matter how long you have been making there is always something fun and new to learn.

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