Emily Explains: Styling Knits for In-Between Weather

We’re in the middle of our Spring/Summer 2015 photo shoot right now (I can’t believe it!) and all I can think about is styling. Styling for the photoshoot (spring/summer style), styling for fall (what am I wearing?!?) and how to wear my beloved handknits with the rest of my wardrobe. This last one I find particularly difficult!

Between the photo shoot and weather in New England transitioning from chilly mornings to warm, sunny afternoons. It’s that in-between, what-on-earth-do-I-wear time of year.

I knit Fleta last spring as the weather was turning into summer, so I have been waiting months to finally wear it. At this point, I am dying to try it with every outfit.

use this
My Fleta

This morning I culled my wardrobe for two outfits (inspired by the photos below) I think I will love to with my Fleta.


I pulled together this outfit – perfect for a day at the office.

My outfit : )
My outfit : )
My shoes : )


Inspired by this photo, I threw together an outfit for a those last days of of summer when you can still wear wispy layers with a sweater.

My outfit : )

Every sweater, scarf or accessory can be made to fit with your style. That is the beauty of making these things by hand! You can design them to be just for you.

I hope this encourages you to wear your knits in any weather!

Happy Making!




  1. I love wearing a handmade item with all my outfits. I have a plethora of shawls and lace scarves to wear in the office where the AC is still on in Toronto. I am dying to wear my hats and fingerless mitts, however, not the heavy duty ones for Canadian winter. 🙂

    1. That’s great! I am still working on knitting the perfect accessories to create different outfits with my wardrobe. It’s a fun project to be in the middle of : )
      Happy Knitting!

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