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Ashley’s Adventures in Knitting: So Many KALs, So Little Time

I love knitting and crocheting all year round – day or night, no matter the weather. That said, I do find it hard to balance my desire to knit with my desire to soak up the all-to-few beautiful days of summer.

Just last weekend, I actually contemplated the feasibility of packing my nearly finished Nijo in a dry bag as I headed out for an afternoon of paddleboarding. Yup, I really thought for a second that I might take a break in a secluded section of lake and sit on my board and knit. Then I thought about how sad I’d be if a sunblock leak or unexpected boat wake ruined my project.

my nearly finished NijoI left my knitting behind for some summer fun, but don’t think I didn’t feel bad about it. Nijo was supposed to be done two weeks ago…and I’ve barely started my Chock. My knitter’s guilt is in overdrive.

When I got back to work this week, I decided to put aside my Nijo (even thought I’m thisclose to finishing) and focus on Chock. It’s actually been a nice break from the lace, though I still have to pay close attention to the chart. I started section 3 today and here’s what I’ve found so far:

Row 6 (Chart A): watch for the change from all purl stitches to knit stitches on either side

Row 7 (Chart A & B): watch for yarn overs prior to the purl stitch, it’s an easy way to throw off your count

Row 34 (Chart A): the written instruction call for an increase on either side that isn’t charted

If you can get those right, you’ll really enjoy your Chock…just remember that it’s also okay to have a little non-knitting fun!

my Chock-in-progress

What gives you the most guilt when it comes to knitting?

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