Emily Explains: Seaming Elongated Stitches

Seaming and finishing can be tricky sometimes, especially when your stitch pattern is something other than stockinette or garter stitch. A few weeks ago, someone emailed and asked how we would recommend seaming the Dyssodia pattern from booklet #340 Berroco Maya vol. 2, which has stitches that range in size. Here’s my advice: There is no right or wrong rule to this technique. But I like to think that you should be in a calm and peaceful place when you decide seam – concentration is key! I seam with the right sides facing me so that I can see how my seam is shaping up.

Follow along as I seam swatches featuring the pattern stitch, knit in Berroco Maya.

Side Seam of Dyssodia


Do you prefer seaming or knitting in the round to avoid seams?

Happy Knitting!





    1. Sometimes I do that too, but I think that seams can help support garments sometimes too : )

  1. Excellent post! I am just learning to knit myself, and simply love it! Thanks for the information! Sandy

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