Emily Explains: Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

I  love the holidays. Growing up, our dining room and kitchen would be overflowing with garland, twinkle lights, wrapping paper and handmade gifts from my mom. It was a whole month of crafting, baking and  singing along with Bing Crosby.No matter how big or small, a gift that you make is always special. And the same can be said for wrapping, especially when it’s decorated with yarn! Not sure how? Round up your yarn scraps and check out these fun ideas for wrapping holiday gifts!

1) Take some brown paper (I like to use my old grocery bags that I feel too guilty to throw away) and a stamp or paint pen (I always like gold or white) to decorate the paper. Maybe you can write a little love note or add fun drawings. Top it off with two strands of yarn (I used Ultra Alpaca Fine), twisted together and tied in a bow.

1) two strands of yarn tied in a bow

2) With a pretty piece of yarn wrap around the box many times for  stripes of color, tie a contrasting color in center, creating a double bow effect (MC: Peruvia, CC: Comfort DK)…

2) double bow

3) A  sparkly pom-pom will shimmer under the twinkle lights and candles (Brio pom-pom tied on with Vintage)…

3) pom-pom

4) For the knitted gifts you have worked so hard on, these hang tags are a perfect way to give washing instructions and some extra yarn for mending.(show in Ultra Alpaca)

4a) made with love & wool

4b) wash by hand

5) Of course, it’s always fun when the wrapping is a gift too! Attach one of your knitted creations like this Minutia ’13 sweater here. (Bow: Peruvia & Comfort DK tied on with Vintage)

5) present on a present

Happy Wrapping!


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