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Norah’s Knits: Super Quick Knits, More Ideas for Brio

Compellingly sparkly and oh so quick to knit, Berroco Brio has suddenly become the yarn of the season. We have 5 patterns designed especially for Brio, but I found more hidden treasures in our pattern library, where Brio can be used for a little more variety.

Brio knits at 2.25 sts/inch, so it’s the same gauge as Boboli Quick.  You can easily substitute Brio for any Boboli Quick pattern.  These small accessories are especially good choices:


woodhaven (free pattern)


You didn’t hear me say this, but sometimes gauge isn’t really all that important! Here are some additional free bulky yarn patterns for more ideas.

Brio would make a fun substitution for Borealis in this wave stitch scarf, Piruna.

I wouldn’t really care if this cowl was a wee bit shorter.  The original yarn was 2 st/inch. Use the needle size called for on the Brio ball band and the # of sts in the Nonary (free pattern).nonary_lg

With Jordan (free pattern), the gauge is close at 2.5 sts/inch.  It’s knit sideways, so keep measuring the length of your knitting around you head until you’ve got the right size. This easy pattern would work great in one color instead of two.  I think that’s how I’d go with Brio.

Do you find yourself drawn to a bit of sparkle this time of year?

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