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Emily Explains: Feather and Fan Stitch

I’ve recently realized that in my free time I want to be knitting something special but…very simple. I do enjoy the complicated, mind-bending, mathematically-concocted knitting and the feeling of accomplishement when the shapes come together. But every once and a while, I just want something simple, beautiful and cozy. The feather and fan stitch is perfect for that. Originating in the Shetland Islands, this pretty pattern stitch can be manipulated in a variety of ways. But no matter what the variation, every feather and fan pattern features a central group of increases bordered by a group of decreases on either side. The repetition of decreasing and increasing in a single row creates a undulating pattern resembling waves or ripples in the sand.

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Our Kirkham was designed with alternating sections of stockinette and feather and fan stitch. I’m thinking about making this scarf but doubling it’s size to make an extra large shawl. Or maybe I’d make this delicate lace knit in a bulky wool like Peruvia Quick! By simply changing the yarn or number of stitches in each repeat, you could make a dozen projects with this stitch and they’d all look different.

Want to learn how? Grab your needles and yarn and follow along in our how-to video.


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  1. Translate the C Caption language. Some of the words have nothing to do with knitting, thanks.

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